Now That I’ve Found You! Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation Review

By Jennifer | December 16 2012 | 27 Comments

I’m still on my quest to find that perfect pale foundation. We’ve had quite a few contenders (read Six great foundations for very pale skin)  and recently I was raving about Bobbi Brown’s latest gem, but here’s another that should be added to your ‘must have’ beauty lists. It’s from the much talked about Dainty Doll range.

Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts is as pale as they come. We all remember her in the early days of the group, decked from head to toe in that orange fake tan. I don’t know about you lot, but this writer was shocked when she scrubbed away it all and revealed her beautiful porcelain skin. In various interviews she said she was sick of trying to mask her skin because a: she no longer wanted to feel insecure about her skin, and b: she couldn’t find the right colour foundation.  So in 2008, she decided to do something about it.


Created specifically for paler complexions, you have to hand it to the girl for her waving that pale flag and helping the rest of us out too. The range is absolutely superb, and rather than boasting about something that doesn’t deliver, it ticks all the boxes. I’ll be reviewing a few products from the range, starting with this beauty: Dainty Doll Now That I’ve Found You Liquid Foundation.

Nicola originally launched the Dainty Doll range in 2008 as part of ITV2 show ‘The Passions Of Girls Aloud’, but only produced a small number of products. So in 2010, she re-launched the range compete with a bigger product choice. I stumbled across the range in Boots in Belfast, squealed with delight and bought as many products as I could afford.


It’s All About The Colour
The first thing to get right is the colour. The liquid foundation comes in four different shades of pale: Very Light (001), Light (002), Medium (003) and Dark (004). I’m a perfect match with the palest shade in 001, but this is extra pale and may be too light for some.  If Porcelain in Bobbi Brown is the right match for you, you’ll probably be a shade darker in 002. It looks beautifully white on me with no dreaded foundation line in sight!

Build It Up
The foundation will give you a dewy, satin finish whilst offering buildable coverage at the same time. It glides on and easily covers any imperfections, leaving skin looking flawless.  It is long lasting and stayed on me all day without any problems, though I did have to add a little power to avoid shine around my t-zone. Thankfully, it doesn’t dry out the skin, but if you have very oily skin I would suggest using a primer and a little powder to ensure it stays put.

Use A Little, Get A Lot
I paid around  £23 for the foundation, which I thought was a good bargain as it’s in a 30ml bottle so it will last for ages. I only need to use 2-3 pumps for full coverage and I found buffing it on with a stipple brush gave me a truly flawless look. It can also be applied successfully using your fingers, but I’d always recommend using a brush, particularly if you’re looking for full coverage. The packaging is funky and gorgeous and I’ll always love a foundation that comes complete with a pump.

So there you have it: It’s super pale, gives great coverage, doesn’t settle in fine lines or wrinkles and just generally looks gorgeous on – what more could you ask for?

I really haven’t a bad thing to say about this one, the only disadvantage being that we can’t try before we buy. This foundation can be bought with free shipping, over at, currently at 10% off, so leg it over quick and get yours today.  And of course you get another 7% off this with our exclusive voucher code – click here to find out the details.

What do you reckon?  Have you already tried out this foundation?  And if not do you think you might give it a whirl?

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27 Replies to "Now That I’ve Found You! Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation Review"

  • I love Nicola – I think she rocks and is looking so fab these days now that she’s embraced the pale!

  • *Aisling* says:

    Agree – it’s so good to see her rocking the pale and doesn’t she look fab for it! Dainty Doll is such a good name for a range – can’t wait to see the rest of your reviews Jen!

  • EmmaCat says:

    I actually love her! Always thought she was sorely under-rated. But methinks she’s severely washed out in that top pic, i know i’m pale but she’s rocking the a4 paper shade!

  • Jennifer says:

    I also love that she has embraced the pale look, I think she’s fabulous in general! I will be buying the entire range soon.

  • Sarah says:

    I was in Boots buying new foundation yesterday (why does everything run out just before Christmas?) and I has having a gander at the Dainty Doll ones, but I hesitated and got the Maybeline Perfect Fit in 115 instead. I’m a bit nervous about buying brands for the first time, but think I’ll give these a go next time.

  • Jennifer says:

    Emmacat – would you believe that that picture is fairly (no pun intended), accurate! The lightest shade really is that white, so as I said in the review, you have to be exceptionally pale to pull off the palest color.

  • Sunshine says:

    Great review. This may be a range where the lighest shade is actually too pale for me!

  • DBB says:

    Laura Merciers Silk Creme foundation in Soft Ivory is another great pick for super pale skintones. Its medium to full buildable coverage and gives a beautiful finish. I alternate between this and Dainty Doll. Also if you’re willing to purchase online Illamasqua do really pale shades in all their foundations but its prob best to try before you buy so if you’re on hols in the UK or somewhere defo pop in and get colour matched.

  • Jennifer says:

    I was a big fan of Illamasqua when they first launched their band. I was perfectly matched. Then they revamped all the shades and now the palest foundation colours are either too pink or two yellow on me. :( I love their powder blush though!

  • Carol C, says:

    Thank you oh thank you oh thaaaank you for this! I have become obsessed with finding foundation for my pale skin recently and I was going out of my mind- pale does not=yellow foundation silly make-up companys!

  • Jennifer says:

    You’re most welcome! I’ll be reviewing a couple more products from the range, so keep an eye out for ‘em. :)

  • Cailín says:

    Jennifer where in Belfast did u find this gem?!

  • Jennifer says:

    Cailin – I found it completely by accident in Boots in Belfast! The Boots I was in was at 35-47 Donegall Place, Belfast. You can’t miss it; it’s huge inside. :)

  • Louise says:

    I got a dainty doll eyeliner pencil with a beauty box last year and its rock hard, even just testing it on the back felt like i was scratching into my skin, no way its going near my eyes!

  • cailín says:

    thanks jennifer, I will check it and the laura mercier out!

  • Donna says:

    Yes, a friend was shocked when I told her in was in the big Boots Belfast city centre. She thought it was mainland UK only.

    It a stand beside Stila.

  • EmmaCat says:

    No way! I’ve been dying to try the line, but so nervous doing a blind buy of foundation. Though i suppose foundation a shade too pale is a LOT easier to work with than foundation a shade too dark!

  • says:

    Is it avaliable in the republic boots stores?? I wanna go!!!

  • Jennifer says:

    @Louise: A tip: Turn on your hairdryer for around 3 seconds and hold it over your eyeliner pencil and it will soften it nicely for you.

    @ EmmaCat – I’m totally with you on being nervous about the blind buy; I actually bought two shades – Very Light and Light as I was unsure even in the shop which would suit! I’m exceptionally pale so I’m A4 paper white and the lightest shade, but I’d say a good majority are simply ‘Light’ (002) which takes away the white glow that the first colour has. The best advice I can give is to try to judge it from your other foundation colours. For me, the ‘Medium’ and ‘Dark’ shades stray away from the pale colours and I tend to work with the first two as a result. And you’re totally right; it is So much easier to work with a foundation that is a tad too dark as you can lighten it up easy enough – I add some primer to any shade that needs a light lift and I’m good to go.

    @Có: I’m not certain (will check it out though), I’ve only ever seen it in that Boots store.

  • cailín says:

    jennifer, on your recommendation I bought this last night!

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