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Nicki Minaj for Mac Viva Glam: You Decide if I Can Pull off This Much Lipstick!

By | March 2 2012 | 56 Comments

ricky and nicki for mac viva glam

Landing on counter from the start of this month is the next Viva Glam collection from Mac. Fronted by Ricky and Nicki (smart move, Mac peeps), all proceeds (minus the VAT) from Minaj’s lipstick and Martin’s clear lip conditioner go towards helping those with AIDS. These aren’t limited, so if you like ‘em, you can continue to love ‘em long time. It’s clearly a great cause and there have been tons of Viva Glam hits over the years, like Viva Glam 1, a beautiful red, and last year’s Viva Glam Gaga, a neutral beige.

Mostly though, given the charity angle and all that, they tend to play fairly safe shade-wise, to appeal to as wide a base as possible.

How does 2012′s offering stack up?

viva glam nicki and ricky

Well now. Maybe not quite so all-encompassing. Does day-glo catch your fancy? No such worries with Ricky’s Lip Conditioner, €13, as it’s just a tinted balm, but Viva Glam Nicki, €17.50, is not for the faint of heart. It’s bright. It’s shocking. It’s a satin finish that’s in-yer-face. Oh, a bit like Ms Minaj herself, so.

And like I mentioned yesterday, despite my proclivity for sassy shades, I have a bit of concern that this lipstick is just too much lipstick for this woman. I am a bit afeared that this here lipstick is wearin’ me; and not the other way around. But hey: you can decide, oh readers (politely please, this isn’t intended to be free for all insult-fest, mmkay?).

nicki minaj viva glam

I’m applyin’ …

do you like?

But are you likin’? Let me know in a comment!

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