New Style Club! Super stylish, super luxe – book me in!

By Aisling | October 31 2012 | 16 Comments

Breaking news! Dublin’s North Earl St has now got it’s very own and fantabulous Style Club!

You know there’s nothing more fun than going to be pampered in a beautiful, up to the minute salon.  Updo’s, down do’s (possibly that isn’t even a “thing”, but sure you know what I mean), fab blow dries and floodlights (and even normal colour I’m sure) can all be yours in this stylish, up to the minute salon.

The Style Club is open Mon- Sat with late night openings on Wednesday and Thursday (cos everyone knows that they’re the new Saturday right?).

The South William St Style Club is pretty amazeballs so I’m dying to see what this one is like (HEAVY HINT).

Go, go my pretties and tell me what you think!

Check out or call the North Earl Street salon on 01 878 6663

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16 Replies to "New Style Club! Super stylish, super luxe – book me in!"

  • I would go there just because the salon is so pretty! (I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, it does also apply to salons, what can I say).

  • *Aisling* says:

    The salon looks amazing, I can’t wait to go and give it a whirl!

  • littlesis says:

    It looks fab. I used to go to the Style Club on Clarendon St, always loved the vibe!

  • Becky BK says:

    it hurts my eyes…

  • Becky BK says:

    it hurts my eyes…not for me i’m afraid

  • Lisa N says:

    I noticed Peter Marks in the tag for this post. Are they linked to Peter Marks?

  • *Aisling* says:

    Lisa – yes indeed they’re part of the Peter Mark chain – they’re just a different type of salon from the standard ones

  • *Aisling* says:

    Becky – ah that might just be because of the way I’ve styled the photos! It’s all the pink I’ve added – sorry if that’s putting you off. In person though I can tell you that the Style Clubs are really stylish and tasteful. I was just having fun with the images!

  • Miruku says:

    Their website has a LOUD auto-play video. Doesn’t bode well for the hairstyles if they’re as “on trend” as their website design…

  • Ladyjane says:


  • gracey says:

    Do they do hair cuts or just blow dries? I’m in need of a trim and this would be a great excuse for a girly trip to Dublin for the day!(:

  • abfab89 says:

    I’m curious…. They are a strand of Peter Marks- are they more fashion cuts and styles then Peter Marks, ie Peter Marks are more …. classic? I know what I’m trying to say but having trouble getting it out! I’m in dire need of a new hairdresser. I’m not huge into experimenting with my hair, I’ve been every colour imaginable but not into going with trends. Theres a Peter Marks near me in Dundalk-anyone know anything about it? Could go to dublin either… I’d go anywhere if I knew I was going to come out saying I LOVE MY FRIGGIN HAIR!!!!!!!

  • stace-invader says:

    Never a peter marks fan to be honest never had a good hair cut from there although i am a little scissors phobic
    Think ill give this a miss despite the fact it looks lovely

  • Aifs says:

    Got a lovely wash and blow dry with a treatment in here last Friday. it was fab. Liked the vibe in there and the girls were really lovely. Considering going back for Balayage highlights for Christmas! Not sure about getting a cut – I had a bad Peter Marks cut before too!

  • Natasha says:

    Hi aisling , natasha here i used to be your hairdresser in peter mark lucan …. If you can remember , im now manager of style club in swords , would love to see you again if your out this way …. Hope all is well :)

  • fififinx says:

    @abfab 89 I had some terrible experiences with Peter Mark. The Hair Shop in the Williamson’s Mall is VERY VERY good. And actually, the prices are comparable to Peter Mark! I always go to Catherine, but they’re all very good and they’re very customer-focussed. You don’t get the glaze-eyed ‘Uhm-hum’ and proceed to do the cut the hairdresser wants thing there – you get what you ask for, but if you ask for the wrong thing for your hair type, facial structure or colouring, the guys there will tactfully try to dissuade you!

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