Brow Make Under: Three To Try For A Natural Look, From Stila, ARTDECO, Catrice

By Emma | October 10 2012 | 30 Comments

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A nice part of writing about beauty is attending occasional launches and events and finding out about the new products headed our way. My mum calls – she has seen me in the paper at just such an event. I brace myself: my mum is very, erm, honest. Thankfully she ignores the double chin but hones straight in on something I’m way more sensitive about: “Your eyebrows are too dark.”

MY EYEBROWS ARE TOO DARK?!? I love my eyebrows. I fill them in every day and I was labouring under the illusion that they were pretty much the dog’s bollocks. Some people have good cheekbones or teeth or bone structure: I have good eyebrows. Or so I thought. I relay this story to Rosemary. She agrees with mum. And now I really start to panic.

brow products

Bottom right: the offending photo (that stunner I’m pictured with is Julie from Musings Of A Makeup Maniac); left, wearing Stila brow pen & Artdeco gel, and very little other makeup

Luckily, help is but a short commercial transaction away. To move myself out of Scouse Brow territory I’ve invested in a few lighter hued brow products that will hopefully look a little bit more natural. Here are three I would highly recommend:

ONE: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour captured my attention at the recent launch so I bought it straight away – and it’s love! It’s quite translucent so it’s hard to go overboard and it gives a softly defined finish. The waterproof aspect will be handy for holibags, too. This was €15.

 Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour

TWO: For the princely sum of €1.99 I snapped this up in my local chemist and yet again, I doff my hat to you Catrice. This Eye Brow Stylist is a really good quality waxy pencil in a nicely natural colour and the attached spoolie is a good ‘un, though I’m raging I’ve already lost the cap. There were three shades to choose from when last I checked.

 catrice eye brow stylist

THREE: The Dita Von Teese line for ARTDECO  (centre, top pic) has brought out some new products for autumn and this handy brow gel, €14.05, is one of my favourites. It comes in midnight, mink and crystal, this clear variety, which is great for keeping my brows in place without adding extra colour. It has more hold to it than the Essence product I was using before; I’m quite smitten with it and use it in conjunction with the first two products I mentioned.

Tried any of these? Or do you have any other suggestions for me to check out?


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30 Replies to "Brow Make Under: Three To Try For A Natural Look, From Stila, ARTDECO, Catrice"

  • I’m using the ELF eyebrow kit at the moment (wax + powder), and found it to be quite nice. I only use a tiny bit of wax during daytime, and at night I can build it up a bit and add powder. Was really cheap too (a couple of euros)

  • sinead says:

    hi, my name is sinead im a beautician. i bought eyebrow stencils at the beauty show and they are amazing, im trained in hd brows so im use to filling in brows but when i use this stencil and brush and brow shadow through the brows they look so natural, defined and fuller in the space of 2 seconds. using a brow pencil on the brows can be very noticable i find. if you would like pictures i can send them to you. the stencils cost 25 euro with shadow and brush. A must to try ;)

  • bigeyedmonster says:


    Where can u buy these Stila products, They seem to be all over blogs and tutorials these days, This eyebrow product deffo seems worth a try.

    I use that catrice pencil and I love it for work in the lightest shade, I love it, its not extreme at all. The same thing happened with the cap on the spoolie though! :(

  • Gracie says:

    I totally understand you Emma! I love my full brows but, even if I go a teeny tiny bit overboard accidentally, my face looks like it is only made of brows. I usually just use clear mascara. I have a brow kit from Catrice and I experimented with a no of eyeshadows, etc. But I find it very easy to go over the top with powder if you have full brows. I had a pencil from Rimmel which I neither love nor hate. I recently got Maybelline’s brow pencil as it was featured in the Elle Beauty Awards (there were 2 other girls there for the same reason!). As I see it is almost identical to the Catrice pencil and I’m really liking it at the moment.

  • LauraLou says:

    have the lightest shade of the catrice, but i love fling from mac for my light brows!

  • EvieM says:

    I’m with you on thinking my brows are the bees knees, got them threaded & tinted at the weekend so they’re looking extra fabulous right now. I’ve never had much luck with eyebrow pencils so I tend to stick to an angled brush and dark brown eyeshadow. I’d be interested in trying out that Elf kit mentioned above but am based in the sticks outside Linerick, anyone know of anywhere that stocks Elf in Linerick or Cork?

  • Clarissa says:

    I dunno if I’m the wrong one here but I genuinely think you look gorgeous Emma!

  • Hello lovelies – Stila is available in Harvey Nicks Dundrum and Liffey Vally Boots – ELF only online at – hope that helps!

  • Aww thank you Clariisa, how lovely of you! xo

  • bigeyedmonster says:

    thanks Emma,

    Im working in citywest, there might even be a lunchtime trip over, I did get paid yesterday afterall! ;) Dangerous!

  • LynnieDoll says:

    I suffer from mis-matching brows, my right brow is great, my left brow is a disappointment so every day I have to shape and fill to make it match. I have the Catrice pencil and find it super, can’t beat it with a big stick.
    Also use Brow-zing from benefit and find that brill too however much pricier.
    Then like you EvieM I use my angled brush and use Tease from my urban decay pallet on other occasions.

  • EvieM says:

    Thanks Emma, you’re a star! And I don’t think they look too dark either, but I like mine dark. Maybe if the rest of your look wasn’t quite so natural, maybe a coloured lip would help balance the look. There’s nothing like yer mammy to bring you down a peg or two huh? Went shopping with mine recently for a dress for an occasion, had a nose at the petite range in DP and she says to me…sure you’re not petite!!! Eh, it means short too not just skinny, but thanks for the ego kicking mam =(

  • Edelmc says:

    I use the brow wax from inglot and omega shadow from mac and like both. Mac clear brow gel is handy when I am tight on time

  • I think your eyebrows look fine not too dark at all! You have dark hair so I’d assume they’d be dark.

    I’ve almost the same colour eyebrows as you (naturally, I don’t do anything to them) but my hair colour is a browny/blondey/fair-y colour. Again, natural colour.

    Some quirk of genetics gave me my Dad’s fair hair and my mother’s dark eyebrows. So MINE look weird. Yours look normal!

  • LoCo says:

    I love your brows.
    I have very dark hair and eyebrows and I find if I go a touch over board on the eyebrows that they can stand out too much.
    I like Mac Lingering for filling my brows, but that Stila pen looks fab. Having watched too much Lisa Eldridge I want the Suuqu pen she uses.

  • Sarah says:

    Obsessed with Stila I am hightailing into HN on Thursday!

  • Grá says:

    Emma where did you get the ARTDECO one? My usual stockists of the brand in Galway have closed down so I need to find a new one.

  • OtherMary says:

    I still maintain that Illamasqua’s Eye Brow Cake is the best thing ever. It blends like a dream so it can be as subtle or dark as one wishes. I have one in Slate which is a greyish dark brown that has no red in it whatsoever. I hate that most brown eyebrow products are reddish.

  • Artdeco are in Debenhams nationwide as of a few months ago Gra :)

  • Margo says:

    I’m sure my eyebrows have been getting smaller lately… and I haven’t been near them with tweezers for weeks! No idea what’s going on. Is there anything I can put on them to make them a bit bushier (not Latisse)?

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