Naked Ambition: 3 Slightly More Matte (and Budget) Alternatives & Dupes For Naked 2

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two budget alternatives to naked palette 2

Heads up: if you really, madly, truly cannot be without your very own Naked 2 palette, then the word on the Tweet Street from Debenhams Ireland is that from the 9th of January* it will be exclusively available from for €40.

But, if like a lot of people, you’re just a tad concerned that it’s, well, possibly got a big bang of emperor’s new clothes about it and there’s not a whole heap of newness going on, then I’ve been doing a bit of thinking on that score. One of the biggest gripes seems to be that a lot of beauty fiends would have loved it to have been a matte offering, but Naked 2 still contains lots of shimmers, something Urban Decay does really well.

So, if you don’t want to spend again on the second coming, then you don’t have to. Here are three budget alternatives that will do the job – and which fill the matte requirement nicely.

Sleek iDivine Au Naturel Palette, €9

The kind peeps at sent me a Sleek iDivine Au Naturel palette (top) a couple of months ago and it somehow got lost in a pile. Rediscovering it over Christmas, I was struck again at what a bloody nice bit of kit it is (most of Sleek’s iDivine’s are worth a look). 12 excellently-pigmented shades of stone, beige, chocolate, taupe and peach combine to make this palette extremely versatile; you can rock a natural eye with this as easy as you can a full-on smokey. And while it’s not all mattes – Sleek excels at shimmers too – there are more than enough here to keep anyone happy. This is a brilliant pick for under a tenner and it’s in stock now to boot.

Soap and Glory Lid Stuff in What’s Nude, €14

New on the market from cute ‘n quirky brand Soap & Glory’s makeup line are three Lid Stuff shadow quads and What’s Nude (bottom right) is a good bet for lovers of subtle. At first glance each shade looks nicely differentiated and there are a mix of finishes too – matte and satin. But actually, this could definitely benefit from one much darker brown as the two bottom brown colours mix together on the lid for a very similar result. One much deeper tone would work better, but for the price this is a decent pick. Textures are soft, pigmentation is medium and these apply and wear nicely. If you don’t want a palette with 95 slightly different browns, pick this one up.

Inglot Custom Palettes, various prices: 10 pans, €55, 20 pans, €105

Probably the best way to get a kit of neutrals you know you’ll wear and which’ll suit you is to customise one. Inglot’s Freedom palettes have long been tipped the nod to for the purposes of Naked duping, and I’m no different: I think they’re a great way to build a personalised set of taupes, beiges and browns that’ll work for your skintone.

inglot freedom palette

My Freedom palette above was a press sample and I still use this all the time and love it. There’s only one shadow in here I never use as it’s too warm, and there’s a nice mix of matte, shimmer, base, crease and highlight colours too. Imagine how much you’d love one in which you picked all the shades and finishes, eh?

And watch out for …

Lastly, if your nude tastes run a little higher end, Bobbi Brown’s February-launching Neons and Nudes collection will feature the Ultra Nude Eye palette, which is pretty perfect.  Six neutral shades in low-impact finishes are ideal for those who don’t want mega-shimmer. Due to an embargo I can’t show yiz it until towards the end of the month unfortunately, but a full post will follow then with swatches and lots of shots. It’s yummy, trust.

*If you’re a Beauty Club member apparently you can get it from the 6th. Now, this is just what I’ve gleaned from Debenham’s twitter account and I have no other info to share.  Best bet would be to contact them directly for more – they’re on @DebenhamsIRE.

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32 Replies to "Naked Ambition: 3 Slightly More Matte (and Budget) Alternatives & Dupes For Naked 2"

  • lainey316 says:

    This Bobbi Brown embargo is eating at me Kirstie! Can you say how it would compare to Shimmering Nudes (only two of which are actually what I’d call shimmering, admittedly they are the two that hit pan…) which I’ve stopped using for fear of using it up… If you can’t say no bother!

  • Kirstie says:

    lainey – the US blogs have it now, which makes the embargo even more ridic, but it’s not releasing in Ireland/UK until Feb so I can’t write until the week before, sigh. Still, not gonna break the embargo. Google! And yes, very similar to stonewash/shimmering, both of which I adore, and both of which UD owes a HUGE debt to.

  • Lorrrrrraine says:

    What’s the point on having different embargo conditions online? It seems really unfair.

    I think those 20 palettes are discontinued or being discontinued. Don’t remember where I heard it so can’t confirm but it’s stuck in my head.

  • Kirstie says:

    Lorrrrraine – the products are a Jan US launch, so the US bloggers are writing about them now, but they’re a Feb launch for us, so we can’t cover until end of Jan. But erm, what with the internet being, y’know, international, it is completely silly. The PRs know it too of course, but they’re asked to enforce it and in the interests of working with them into the future I respect embargos. I would also think this situation isn’t tenable in the longterm and will change.

  • sweetie1 says:

    Totally loving the look of that Sleek palette up there! Bargain central too.

  • Think I’ll wait for the Naked 2 palette. This Beauty Club thing is confusing me though. Is that the card (kinda like the boots card?)

    So it’s avaliable online from midnight, 6th Jan and in stores the 9th?

    AND IT’S everywhere else (thats sells urban decay) from early Feb?

    Am i correct?

  • lainey316 says:

    Thanks Kirstie, found it!

  • Kirstie says:

    cel – that’s it. But for Ireland, Debenhams is basically the sole stockist, so the point is moot!

  • Kirstie says:

    actually cel sorry no – only from 6th IF you’re a BC member and then from the 9th generally, but like I say above I have no more info to give, you will need to ask debenhams, I’ve linked their twitter a/c up there.

  • Thanks Kirste!

    Now I get to whine about why didn’t I the countless number of times not sign up to the BC……


    If i go in tomorrow….

  • Sarah says:

    Kirstie, is Sleek only available online?

  • Sarah says:

    Kirstie, is Sleek only available online?

  • Kirstie says:

    or in superdrug in norn iron/uk etc

  • Sarah says:

    Sorry on my mobile internet so thats why it came up twice! thanks kirstie! Got a lovely mini skincare set from benefit and a porefessional set with mini erase paste and girl meets pearl, the lovely sales assistant gave me a free badgal lash sample! Delighted!

  • Claire says:

    The Sleek one is gorgeous and I can’t wait for the Bobbi Brown one. But I just know I’ll cave and get Naked 2 as well!

  • @ Claire

    We all caved when we seen the pictures online i think!

  • Laura says:

    Sleek pallet sold out. I just tried to buy it. Boo Hoo.

  • Ladies you have been reading my mind haven’t you? Go on, admit it! As much as I love my Naked palette (a lot) I despair at the fact there is not a lot of matte nude shades.
    I thought the Naked 2 would be the answer to it, but from what I saw it is not.
    I like the look of the Sleek palette, and at €9 I cannot go wrong… *…off to order it…

    Thanks for the recommendations!

  • Lorraine says:

    Ahh the sleek one is sold out now! Who has €40 to splash out on eyeshadow in January!!! Not me anyway I can tell you! I was going to fill yurt he gap with a cheapie until pay day!

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