Mini survey: What would you like to see us do more of?

By Aisling | March 14 2012 | 80 Comments

We haven’t done a survey since the dawn of time so we’re going to do a little quick fire one now.  It won’t hurt we promise!

We just want to take the temperature and find out what you’re thinking.  Please do fill it in – it helps us to know what you want and to give you more of it!

Tick up to five

Anything else you’d like to tell us? Leave a comment and let us know – your feedback is really important to us and helps us to plan how to bring you the best content we can!

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80 Replies to "Mini survey: What would you like to see us do more of?"

  • Aisling Aisling says:

    Just a comment to say – do tell us your age – it gives us a good idea of the type of products etc that you’d be interested in and the skincare you’d like to see us writing about. That’s why that question is there!

  • Scarie says:

    Only 4 and a half months left in the 21-29 age bracket , eek !! Love the site though !!!

  • LauraLou says:

    Glad to see this! Would love to know about skin care, im 19, but the lady in bobbi brown told me I needed to use eye cream cos i was getting wrinkles.. Nearly lost the plot!

  • sarah says:

    I always used to read your emails but I don’t any more because ye go rid of the pictures and to be honest I don’t have the time to scroll through and read everything I used to pick what I liked from the pictures, so being honest I don’t read your emails at all any more… just a suggestion!

  • Tearis says:

    Not sure if I am the only one here, but I would love to see you guys report more on animal friendly companies, especially cosmetics and skin care ones. (Age 21-29yrs ;-)

  • char says:

    LOve the site on it everyday at work :) would like more for the age groups alrite im 22 dont know if i need eye cream etc some people say yes some say no and i had facial and was told i look older then my 22 years was horrified i cant even see a line around my eyes :( but all in all i love the site :)

  • Fuffyhead says:

    I hear ya Scarie! Yikes!

  • scarlet says:

    I also miss the full posts in the newsletter. At the start the whole piece minus comments would be in it which was great as my work really monitors internet use. I understand that the intros bring more traffic to the site though so it does make sense for you guys, and now just check when I’m home or weekends

  • Aisling Aisling says:

    It drives me mad to hear of people being told things like this to sell products. At 19 and 22 you definitely, absolutely don’t have anything to worry about

  • Shanna says:

    Scarie I had a similar thought, I’ve a year left and after that I’ll never be able to click the 20-something group on anything ever again – depressing or what!

    Anyway I’m happy with the site as it is but you can never have enough funny stuff. :)

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