Match Lips & Tips With Dior’s New Addict Extreme Lipstick Range!

By Emma | March 15 2012 | 16 Comments

dior addict extreme range with kate moss

Matching lips and tips are the forecast this spring from Dior, with the new Addict Extreme line hitting counters from April 1st. Fronted by La Moss, the range includes 12 shades of lipstick from nudes through to corals, pinks and plums. It’s broken into four colour families, with one eponymous, ‘star’ lipstick in each.

dior addict extreme lineup

Incognito is a collection of three nudes, which takes its name from an elegant greige. Plaza is a trio of deeper hues, the star of which is a mauve-toned pink. Then there’s Riviera, three bright, sunny shades epitomised by a punchy coral; finally, there’s Lucky, a trio of pinks that include the shade Kate’s sporting in the campaign shots. For nails, four co-ordinating shades of Vernis mirror the four star lipstick shades.

dior addict packaging

Glossy, luxe, high-shine blue-black packaging

dior addict extreme lipsticks

Incognito and Riviera

dior addict extreme lipsticks

Plaza and Avenue

I was sent two of the lipsticks in Avenue, a deep rosy pink, and the aforementioned Plaza, and we’ve also got Incognito and Riviera to look at, along with three shades of Vernis to check out. Let’s look at the lips first, because Dior is making some pretty big claims: these are branded ‘lipstick that dares it all’, and colour, shine, comfort and long-wearing hold are all promised.

dior addict swatches

Swatches of Incognito and Riviera (top) and Avenue and Plaza (bottom – we heart them!)

So, do they deliver? Well, yes and no. Fans of opaque, highly pigmented lipsticks might baulk at the brand’s claims of ‘vibrant colours’ and ‘intense pigments'; the finish on these is between satin and sheer, leaning more to the latter and with plenty of shine. And while they do stick around for longer than the original Addicts, ‘long-wear’ might be stretching it a bit.

But that said, I really, really like these lippies. The texture is lovely: they go on like a balm and feel melty and smooth on the lips. The lightweight, glossy finish stems from a formula that includes four types of wax, shine boosting oils and hyaluronic acid for a really comfortable finish. I like the black and silver case, too, and that satisfying click when the bullet slips back into the tube.

dior addict vernis

And if anything, I like the nail polish even more. The shades I have, Plaza (the pink) and Riviera (the coral), look fab together; I couldn’t choose between them, so ended up wearing them both! The wide brush is so easy to work with and two quick, impatient coats yielded a smooth, high-shine finish.

dior addict nail shades

Incognito and Riviera

dior addict vernis

Riviera (coral) and Plaza (pink) in the bottle and on the nail

Price will be a stumbling block for some – a lipstick will set you back €31, and the nail polish is €22.36. But they’re great products, and when the 1st of April rolls around I reckon a couple more will be mine. The only question is do I want the lipsticks or the nail polishes … or both?

Are you tempted, too? And what shades beckon?

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16 Replies to "Match Lips & Tips With Dior’s New Addict Extreme Lipstick Range!"

  • Lorrrrrraine says:

    Would Mossy ever do one? Honestly, she’s photoshopped to what she was ten years ago in a sort of “hey, look how much coke I can do but still stay sexy” way. Such a bad example.

    On a good note, these lippies look loverly!

  • Strongly dislike Moss myself…

    The products look nice, but I am just so over Dior.

  • Cait says:

    Oooh loving the look of incognito, but no way will I be able to afford any of it :-(

  • Grá says:

    I’m liking these. I have been looking for a long-wear lipstick actually. Any recommendations since these are only okay in that respect?

  • Kirstie says:

    over dior!
    falls down dead in shock!

    I am very tempted by the darker shades actually. I don’t love the look of full-on darker shades in opaque creme formulas on my lips but can wear them more easily when they are sheerer and glossy. Liking the top line of colours a lot I must say

  • lyonsie says:

    Ohhhhh I’m very tempted.
    I have a black and magenta dress to wear to a wedding next month and I was considering trying to get nail polish and lipstick to match the magenta colour. I wonder will any of the colours be suitable ?

  • Fiona says:

    Kirstie, yah – as I was scrolling down I thought “well I’d go for any of that top row of colours”. Gorrrrgeous.

  • mademoiselle says:

    Gra, I love Chanel Rouge Coco for long lasting. Egerie is my everyday lipstick. So over Dior and Chanel though ;) Is it just me or do the nail varnishes remind anyone of Constance Carroll?

  • I really want Incognito in both the nail polish and the lippie. And Riviera in the lipstick. And that very darkest lipstick (is it Black Tie?) too. But I will be restricting myself to one purchase! xo

  • Kirstie says:

    Emma – that is vastly restrained I must say!

  • Well honestly!

    Have purchased a lot of Dior products over the last month, literally splurged on everything I wanted. I do find them slightly disappointing though, some of the formulas are too heavy/scented, my lips were generally dried out by the lipsticks, and nothing really seems to work well with my skin.

    Also their moisturizer broke me out, not to mention the Nuancier powder foundation which was even itchy.

    I then gave the lipstick to my mother in law, but also her lips always look dry and flakey under, and usually she does not have that problem.

    We just don’t get along me and Dior. For the cost, it’s probably better.

  • CeeCee says:

    I like Kate Moss, I don’t think she’s a bad example-yes, she used to abuse drugs but she went to rehab and has put that behind her. She looks great in my opinion.
    I have one of the Dior Addict lipsticks, not sure how fond I am of the consistency, I like the coral colour and the new packaging but I don’t know if I’ll get any of these, just bought one of the new YSL stain/gloss yokes anyway so that’ll be the end of my splurging for a while!

  • Christina says:

    I’ve always thought it odd that Moss fronts campaigns for snooty Dior AND for cheapo Rimmel. And for the same product – lipstick! I would have thought that posh Dior would not want their brandname ‘sullied’ by Kate’s association with a cheap and cheerful high street brand. When I saw the picture above I assumed it was another ad for the Rimmel lippies she also promotes, and I bet I’m not the only one. I’m surprised Dior would risk such confusion in people’s mind.

    I think that it’s testament to Kate’s enduring appeal, even as she approaches the big 4-0, that top brand are still willing to risk compromising their brand image for her.

  • Lurganista says:

    Fabillis article J’adore a bit of Dior! I like the fact La Moss can front high-end campaigns & mass market! K gimme incognito ;)))

  • Maj says:

    Is it just me or is mossys eyes different? On the left the flick seems to go straight out while on the right its flicked upwards?

    I love dior, my fav brand by far, although i have a few of the dior addict lippies and not sure if these are that different? But i do love the creamy texture, and as kirstie says, that i can get away with different vibrant colours because its sheerer. Love the nail polishes, how are they for time to dry and chipping? Will take a look at a counter and try on a lippie for sure

  • Nat says:

    Loooove Riviera!!!

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