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Back to Black with Mac Mineralize Volcanic Ash exfoliator: review and pics

By Aisling | June 26 2012 | 30 Comments


Loving this.  Not just loving the colour – black indicates SERIOUS skincare doesn’t it – but loving the way it’s making my skin feel today.  Really soft and smooth, I keep touching it.

Mac have released this Volcanic Ash exfoliator a couple of times before but although it was popular there were a couple of gripes concerning the packaging and the ingredients.  Firstly the main ingredient used for exfoliation was sugar.  Because the exfoliator was packaged in a tub, people found that they dissolved the sugar every time they stuck their wet paws in the tub to scoop out some product.  So by the time they got halfway through the tub there was no exfoliation left in their exfoliator.

This new incarnation contains silica along with the sugar  and it’s packaged in a squeezy tube, meaning there’s none of those dissolving shennanigans.

However the silica means that the texture is really gritty.  This fella will scratch the physog off you if you’re not careful.  Mac suggest that you use this up to three times a week – I recommend no more than once – twice if you’ve the hide of a rhino.  And I categorically don’t recommend this for sensitive skin at all.

Squeeze a tiny worm  onto your hand and apply to a clean, wet face.  I’ve put far too much on my hand in the shot above – you won’t go that black – more a charcoal colour.  It smells like – er volcanic ash with a bit of fragrance in it.

LASH on the moisturiser afterwards – this is a perfect time to go to bed slathered in serum and rich night creams because your skin will be perfectly primed to soak them up.

Released as part of the Limited Edition Heavenly Creatures collection (I’ll have more on the makeup tomorrow!) this beauty is only available in BT and BT2 (€30) and won’t be around for long.

It’s out now and believe me it will fly off the shelves – if you want it, get it straight away.

There are three other skincare products in the collection: Mineralize Charged Water Cleanser (€24.50); Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel (€38) and Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream (€36)

What do you reckon to this piece of Mac skincare?  Do you wantses?


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