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Lois Griffin makes Maxim Hot 100 list: it’s ok to fancy cartoon characters… isn’t it?

By Aisling | June 11 2012 | 34 Comments

The Maxim Hot 100 list is normally populated by Sports Illustrated Models and actresses like Megan Fox which is why it was something of a surprise to see Lois Griffin appearing at number 85.

Yes THAT Lois.  She of Family Guy fame and long suffering wife of the hapless Peter.  Family Guy is a laugh out loud, completely politically incorrect and rude as hell animated comedy.  And although Lois is usually portrayed as the voice of reason, she has a wilder side.  She’s had an affair with Bill Clinton (but so has Peter), she’s a former girlfriend of Gene Simmons from Kiss, and she’s starred in a porn flick.

But because the list is reader voted the voice of the people decided her place  - and Lois is obviously lusted after by enough men  to make the list.  Hilarious, this should definitely happen more often.

Morto for numbers 86-100 though!

IS there a cartoon character that YOU secretly lust after? Have you got a bit of a crush on Ned Flanders?  Or does Zapp Brannigan (blee) secretly do it for you?!

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