L’Occitane Cherry Tells me it’s Finally Spring

By Beaut.ie | February 27 2012 | 7 Comments

l'occitane cherry for spring 2012

If the weather wasn’t the biggest indicator that spring has sprung then L’Occitane’s yearly smellabration of all things cherrytastic would remind me in any case. It’s an annual event, a Rite of Spring, almost, and this year the theme is Cherry Princess.

L'occitane cherry

As befitting a princess, the scent’s been made over to have some sweeter notes – but no, they’re not horridly vanilla or saccharine and there’s lemon and grapefruit in there too, just to keep it all a bit more grown up. It’s edibly nice, and if you’re a fan of the Cherry iterations, you’ll probably like it a lot.  There’s a 50m Cherry Princess EDP for €33.50 – it lovely, very light, fruity and sweet – as well as a matching solid perfume (above, in the round tin) for €9.95, which is a great price actually.

l'occitane cherry

Matching those are some ancillaries in the form of a silky body gel, €24.50, pearlescent hand cream, €17.50, and a handcream, €10.50.

Psst: you know Mother’s Day’s coming up, doncha?

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7 Replies to "L’Occitane Cherry Tells me it’s Finally Spring"

  • Banjaxed says:

    I loooove cherry scents and €9.95 (for the solid) is definitely within my budget!

  • Lorrrrrraine says:

    I was so enthused about it until I saw PRINCESS written across everything. I can’t get past that, makes me think it’s for three year olds or women with entitlement issues. Love the brand though, always snooping around the shop, the women are lovely.

  • Banjaxed says:

    Lorraine, I didn’t even notice that! I don’t generally notice packaging (weird I know) but I can see how that would turn you off it.

  • Lorrrrrraine says:

    God, sorry if I insulted anybody there! I just think the word has a lot of negative connotations, I have a “thing” about it. Don’t mind me!

  • ceci says:

    Solid perfume looks like a winner for me. I have one of their previous solid cherry perfumes and it really reminds me of summer. Def will be checking it out.

  • Kirstie says:

    well I don’t know about you Lorraine but personally I DEMAND that the world treat me like a princess daily. Ah yeah princess issues, er do one. Understand, I do not. This scrapes through because it is princessE – which I did not note in the copy and shall amend stat.

  • Jayde says:

    Oooooh I do love this!
    At the moment there is a deal on where you get trial sizes of the silky body gel and the shower creme in an adorable reversible make up bag when you spend over 60 quid on their products! I got them last week and honest to god I love the smell!! It’s so pretty and would lift the dullest of spirits! I really want the perfumey stuff! Might take a trip there this week and invest in some! The girls in there are lovely too and if you have a student card you get a really good discount! And they have no problem giving you samples of stuff before you buy!

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