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Lady Gaga Fame: Little Monsters everywhere rejoice?

By | September 3 2012 | 13 Comments

She doesn’t have a teeny weeney and we can also forget the blood and spunk promises - unsurprisingly Gaga’s new perfume smells of nothing of the sort.

If I were asked to describe it I would say it’s a kind of Poison-lite – sweet,  inoffensive, unsophisticated and absolutely perfect for the teenage market.  Reaction was mixed when I asked around – some people are loving it and comparing it to Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, while others are comparing it to er puked up blackcurrent pastilles.

The colour of the scent in the bottle is dark and though you may worry about it staining there’s no problem.  The first time I had a sniff it was sprayed directly onto my (brand new) white jacket to prove the ‘no mark’ point.  I nearly had a caniption – but guess what?  It evaporated to nothing and left no stain.

It’s been one of the most hyped perfume launches we’ve seen in a long time and there’s no question that it’s going to sell like hotcakes.  Little Monsters are queuing around the block to have a squirt of eau du Gaga.  According to the Daily Fail Superdrug can’t keep it on the shelves and  it’s already the biggest selling celebrity perfume around, outselling even Beyonce and Britney Spears.

But hold on to your hats and prepare to shake every last coin out of your piggy bank – it costs more than a Chanel EDP offering. 30ml is €29.95, 50ml is €39.95 and 100ml is €69.95.

What do you reckon?  Think this might be for you?

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