Miaow! Kitten heels are back – again – but would you wear them?

By Lynnie | September 20 2012 | 57 Comments

As a shoe fiend with limited storage space and an even more constrained footwear budget, I do a lot of window shopping for shoes. It wouldn’t be unusual to find me petting a new favourite pair in store or visiting them online, just to check in with them and make sure they weren’t missing me too much. (It would be a bit mental, perhaps, but not unusual. For me.)

Anyway, while scoping out the Autumn/Winter arrivals for some new lust haves I noticed a bit of a micro-trend emerging, as designers return to a familiar heel shape that’s been subject to ridicule by everyone from anonymous Facebook users (there are dedicated pages decrying it) to high-profile fashion eds.

The kitten heel, it seems, is making a(nother) comeback.

Only, you shouldn’t actually call it the kitten heel, because that would be terribly uncool (and upsets cats everywhere.) Think of this as the Fight Club of shoes: the first rule of the kitten heel for AW12 is that you don’t call it the kitten heel. Call it a demi heel (as favoured by Elle), a low heel, a baby heel, a little heel, a small heel, a trainer heel, a beginner heel, a mini heel; call it whatever the hell you like, but for the love of God don’t mention the “k” word if you want to hold on to any shred of credibility as a fashionista.

(I have no fashionista status to worry about, so I’ll be continuing to call them kitten heels like a normal person.)

Maybe it’s symptomatic of the 90s revival or a return to chic, ladylike dressing à la Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton, but kitten heels are turning up all over the place. They featured in Dolce & Gabbana’s AW12 couture presentation and Moschino’s Cheap And Chic debut at London Fashion Week, Valentino’s swoonworthy Rockstud line included caged pointy toed kitten heeled numbers, while Ferragamo recently turned out a line of mega-bucks expensive crocodile skin kitten heels as part of their pre-fall collection. They’re creeping onto the high street, too: off the top of my head I can tell you that Carvela, Dune, Kurt Geiger, L.K. Bennett, and New Look all have shoes with kitten heels in stock right this very second.

I have two pairs of kitten heels in the back of my wardrobe and I’m thinking strongly about digging out the pointy toed leopard print ones to wear with trousers, since they’re wear-all-day comfy without looking as casual as flats. But they’re still kitten heels, and I’ll admit that some small part of me recoils at the idea of actually wearing them because they’ve been cast out as unfashionable for so long. And because Suri Cruise likes them.

What do you reckon to the kitten heel? Love it or leave it?

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57 Replies to "Miaow! Kitten heels are back – again – but would you wear them?"

  • SugarAndSpice says:

    They actually hurt my feet more than proper heels :/ so quite happy to do without! :)

  • lainey316 says:

    No. Hate them. Find them really uncomfortable actually, on top of the fug. Combo of low height plus narrowness means I lose my balance the way I never do on 3 inche.

  • ArtDonatella says:

    I loathe kitten heels and would never, ever purchase a pair! No, just no!

  • Bridget says:

    Love them and always have done…and I think the term “kitten” heel is quite sexy lol. No toffee nosed fashion dowager will ever put me off them :)

  • Miss Golightly says:

    I love kitten heels – find them very wearable, comfortable and chic! I got a great pair of black suede ones in LK Bennett over two years ago and have got so much wear out of them.

    I currently have my eye on a leopard print pair of kitten heels – perfect for Autumn/Winter….

  • ‘Toffee nosed fashion dowager’ is now my favourite term of today, excellent.

    I’m a lover of the kitten heel, a wearer of the kitten heel, an advocate of the kitten heel and I couldn’t give two flutes what people think about my kitten heels.

    The kitten heel is dead, Long Live the Kitten Heel!

    (Kitten heel sounds weird now, doesn’t it?)

  • I love them too but you have to pair them with the right outfit

  • Gracie says:

    I don’t like them. They always look very odd.

  • Niamh says:

    HURRAH!!! I’m too tall to wear heels yet flats KILL me!!!

  • I wore kitten heels for my wedding as I never ever wear heels and knew there was no way I could walk up the aisle in a pair. So got a pair of ivory peep-toe kitten heel sling backs and I was grand for the day.

    They were really cute, if I do say so myself, and not at all ugly.

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