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Kitchen Compliments: Which One of These Ingredients CAN’T You Use In Beauty Recipes? – Updated!

By | March 14 2012 | 25 Comments

what can't you use?

If there’s one thing guaranteed to have me reaching for the blog snooze button then it’s DIY beauty recipes. Give me a break, like. No one simply whips up oatmeal and honey masks on a regular basis; DIYS fabulous scrubs every week or makes their own amazing oil-based concoctions 24/7 out of just a few drops of this, that and the other. Well – maybe they do, I just don’t know anyone.

No. In my experience what people do is this: they do a DIY recipe once or twice, it drips everywhere, goes all over their hair, carpet, cat, boyfriend, is a complete mare and they never do it again.

Lesson very well learned.

So lets test ourselves today, oh ladies of, and see what’s gone in over the years of reading these helpful and earnest do-it-yourself-instead-of-going-to-Brown-Thomas-for-something-in-delightful-packaging-and-then-having-a-lovely-lunch-out-too recipes.

Of the above ingredients, I want to know in a comment, which one’s the odd one out? Is there one up there that can’t or hasn’t been used as a beauty preparatory in your knowledge? We have:

  • Teabags
  • Gravy powder
  • A raw potato
  • A bottle of beer
  • Honey
  • Eggs

Leave a comment explaining what you reckon each can be used for – if anything – and what definitely couldn’t be called into play. I’ll update later with my explanations!



Ok – I promised an update and here it is!

  • Teabags can be used for a few things; tear the clean bag to act as a temporary nail repair patch, and used, cooled bags can be used as eye compresses
  • Gravy powder surprisingly, isn’t the odd one out. As some of you did comment, it was used in during WW2 as a sort of faux-stocking. Women worked it into a paste, applied to legs and drew a seam up the back of the calf. The stayed far away from any random dogs who might have liked a lick, I’d imagine
  • Neither was a raw potato the red herring: containing enzymes, potato is used in some skin treatments. Elysian Brows in Dublin use it in an eye depuffing treatment!
  • Beer is said to promote a healthy shine on hair; personally I like it to promote a healthy shine in my stomach. Hic
  • Honey’s a natural antiseptic and often called into play in homemade face masques
  • Eggs are used in tons of home remedies too: the whites in masques and the yolks in hair mayonnaise-type protein preps

So – there you go. They can ALL be used. Surprised?

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