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Jessica Fletcher: Murder She Wrote character is a role model for our times

By Kitty | July 19 2012 | 26 Comments

Since we covered the recent arse-baring trend of young wans in knicker shorts, I started thinking that it’s time for a new style icon. An unlikely one, sure, but one you’re all familiar with, no doubt. I’m talking about Cabot Cove’s finest crime novelist and amateur detective, the wonderful Jessica B. Fletcher. Stop laughing, I’m being serious!

Jessica Fletcher makes for an amazing role model (self-sufficient, unfailingly polite, super intelligent) and an impeccably dressed one at that. She also has packing down to a fine art, as a fancy costume party in New York/archeological dig at a Native American site doesn’t faze her, because she JUST SO HAPPENS to have the perfect flouncy dress and crown costume/tribal print sweater-vest for such an event.

Seriously, who did this to her?

When she’s not busy writing novels with fantastic titles like “The Corpse Danced At Midnight”, or off visiting her seemingly endless stream of nieces, nephews and former students, she’s kept busy by the goings on in Cabot Cove, the most dangerous place to live in America. Forget New York or Baltimore, even the badasses from The Wire would run whimpering from this deceptively idyllic town’s murder rate.

The murder rate in Cabot Cove  is 86 times higher than the most murderous city in the world.

We’ll have to think of some other use for McNulty – even he’s not badass enough for Cabot Cove

If you live there, chances are you’re going to wake up dead, unless you’re an episode regular. Better make friends with Jessica quickly, or just move altogether because the odds are definitely not in your favour. And even if you don’t die, it’s very likely that you’ll be wrongly accused of murder by the clueless police force who didn’t seem to notice the new shifty-eyed stranger in town that laughs maniacally and carries an axe.

It’s amazing that there’s anyone left in the town, really.

So which of the intrepid Jessica’s qualities would you most like to have?

  • Ability to dress for any occasion
  • Intelligence and crime-solving acumen
  • Ability to write bestselling books
  • Power to freeze frame everything mid-laugh

Or all of the above!

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