It’s been great Y, but you’re SO 2012! P is for Purity and also Poo in YSL name change?

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Come Spring 2013, we’ll no longer be plumping our lips, bejewelling our wrists, and bedecking our feet (in my dreams) with YSL, as the brand is set to drop a Y and add a P.  Yves Saint Laurent will be renamed Saint Laurent Paris (SLP) – a branding brain child of YSL’s brand-spanking new Creative Director, Hedi Slimane.

Oh Hedi!  As if St. Bernard, St. Michael and St. John haven’t given us enough saintly brands to choose from, you’ve gone and done the unthinkable and stolen the Yves from our Yves Saint Laurent.

Like stamping a big fat “I have arrived” mark on our beloved YSL, as many a bold-as-brass new boss has done before him (yes we mean YOU Tom Ford), Hedi’s gone straight for the jugular.  A spokesperson tells WWD  this is a move to restore the purity of the brand’s 1960s inaugural line, ‘Saint Laurent Rive Gauche’.

Restore the purity?  Oh come on!  I really want the Yves to stay! It gives those two French words an extra Gallic oomph, and (dare-I-say) je ne sais quoi. Don’t you think YSL just sounds better than SLP? A friend reckons SLP sounds familiar too – and not in a good way.

More like a bank than a Parisian fashion house?

So what does it mean for our old Yves-branded make-up, bags, accessories, clothes, and you know, their value as future collectables and all that jazz?

Well, not much, really. I wouldn’t be bubble-wrapping your wares in the collectables box just yet.  The intertwined YSL logo which features on the collection’s labels is set to stay for the foreseeable future. That said, Yves Saint Laurent branded products have always been collectable and I imagine even the remotest hint of an Yves on your glad rags, post-Hedi, will be a deal-maker for any self-respecting collector.

I’m sure I’ll grow to like it eventually, but what say you to this change?

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21 Replies to "It’s been great Y, but you’re SO 2012! P is for Purity and also Poo in YSL name change?"

  • Ciara says:

    NOOOOOOOOO! Mon dieu!! How very dare she. I am not impressed. Silly lady.

  • fififinx says:

    SLP? Puh-leeze. I bet a certain Ms SJP will have something to say about that. As for Hedi, who is this punk? To filk Golda Meir “BE humble- you’re not Yves St Laurent”.

  • MJ says:


    Mais, j’aime bien Le YSL


  • Cee says:

    It’ strange, also too similar to SJP

  • thefrog says:

    Non, non et non.

    If she wanted to bring back the ‘purity’ of the brand, then use Rive Gauche (in all its snobish glory).

    SLP is a computer code, not a make-up brand.

    What next, Chanel dropping the Cs?

    And besides, YSL sounds so much better than SLP. Especially in French. I’ve just said SLP in my head, and it is far too similar to a very derogatory word (just add the missing vowels). I’m wondering whether Ms Slimane speaks French…

  • LoCo says:

    Ah here, why would you spend years and years and goodness knows how much money building a brand name and then just up and change the name YSL even looks pretty SLP looks clunky.

  • Ellie says:

    I don’t even have words for how much this rubs me the wrong way.

    Part of why I love my YSL products is the classic logo that holds so much history. Yves Saint Laurent the man has always been one of my icons and has been part of why I’ve always been keen to buy and try most of what the brand has had on offer. I can’t believe she is even allowed to do this?! Like LoCo said, the brand is one of the strongest brand names there is, it’s a classic, what in the world does she think she’ll achieve by changing it?! It’s not like there’s been bad press related to YSL and they need a new beginning… If she wants her own-name label so bad, she should go and start it on her own, not ruin a legacy! If this happens I think I might just seriously boycott. I hate it when people ‘threaten’ to do such silly things, but I am one seriously offended loyal customer.

  • Ellie says:

    I mean ‘he’! :p

  • Meg says:

    I’m sure they’ve already announced that the SLP change is just for clothing and that beauty, fragrance and some accessories will remain YSL.

  • Aisling Aisling says:

    Hi Louise! If they don’t change the logo on the products though, it will be interesting to see what change this makes.
    Probably none?

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