Is It Bra O’Clock Yet: When can I take my uncomfortable bra off?

By Karen | November 22 2012 | 60 Comments

AH would ya be well? Die Young singer Ke$ha* has revealed that she has had a bra made out of the teeth of her fans, along with a headdress and earrings, which she wears out in public.

The lovely teeth headdress. No pics of bra available for some strange reason.Image via Celebuzz

She asked her fans to send her their teeth – no, we don’t know why either – and 1,000 devoted followers obliged, sending molars in from all over the world.

Apart from the vileness of wearing other people’s teeth, can you imagine how uncomfortable that bra must be?

I couldn’t bear it, but then again I’m totally against the bra in any form. I can’t stand bras, I think they’re instruments of torture that should be outlawed the world over.

No matter how often I’m fitted for a bra, no matter what size I wear, what style I buy, I just can’t seem to get it right and the damn thing pinches and rubs and itches and squeezes until I just want to throw it across the room. Which I frequently do.

Other women have Wine O’Clock, that time of the day when they can have a glass of wine without guilt – I have Bra O’Clock, that time of day when I can take my bra off for the rest of the night and let my breasts run free. For the record, it’s 6pm, so if you call to my house after that time, you’re likely to get a boob in the face.

I know that bras exist for a reason, they create smooth lines under clothes, they support your bosoms when you move and exercise, I get that and as a large-breasted woman I acknowledge I need to wear a bra. But my dream is to live in a world without bras, where it is the norm to walk around unsupported and people could just live in comfort.

The sheer pleasure I get from taking off my bra is indescribable, it genuinely is the highlight of my day. I do know though that some women actually sleep in their bra, something I just cannot get my head around. I’d never sleep, I wouldn’t get a wink if I was still in mine. How do they do it?

How do you all feel about bras – love ‘em or loathe ‘em? And would you wear a bra made of teeth?

*If her name is Ke$ha, dollar sign and all, on her birth certificate, I’ll eat my own face.

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60 Replies to "Is It Bra O’Clock Yet: When can I take my uncomfortable bra off?"

  • Bobby Pins says:

    I have an amazing bra fitter and my bras are so comfy I genuinely can’t feel them on. It’s body hugging and supportive, much like my cat, but it’s like I’m in the nip up top.
    The thing that really gets my billy goat gruff is the way pop stars neeeeeed to have an army of followers with a pet name that they can pat on the head – gaga with her monsters, cheridle with her soldjahs and ke$ha with her aforementioned toothless animals. Gimps.

  • I think the most striking thing about this is that Kesha actually has 1000 fans… am I showing my age?!

  • Suzi says:

    I am exactly the same! As soon as I’m home from work off comes the bra.

  • LoCo says:

    Ke$ha just loves a bit duuurrrrttttyyyyyy.

    I don’t have big boobs at all I wish I had but my sister has & uses these. Mostly when she is around the house and doesn’t want to wear bra, but afraid someone will call to the house. She also wore them at night when she was pregnant to keep them “under control” her words.



    I bought them when I had problems with lungs/ribs and couldn’t wear a bra. They are so so comfortable. Being small boobed on weekends I tend not to wear a bra just these.

    I always buy a bigger band size than I’m fitted for as I’ve asthma and when they fit me for bra it usually too tight around ribs and feel like I can’t breathe. So I go up on the band and down on the cup depending on the brand of bra.

  • JennyR says:

    Ew….a bra made of teeth….nice…shudder!!! Ugh, bras drive me crazy, I’d love not to have to wear one. I do love the look they can give you and would be lost without one at the gym. I have some comfy enough ones, but one or two that must be badly fitted so they get uncomfortable after a while. I always take them off in the evening if I’m vegging on the couch. There’s no way I could sleep in one-soooooo un-comfy!

  • LoCo says:

    ahh loves=looks

  • Shygirl says:

    A boob on the face! Ha ha ha! Made me laugh out loud. Having a bra made of teeth is disgusting, where did the loon even get the idea. I love having a nice bra though, I love bra shopping, you often find lovely ones in TK Maxx.

  • Em says:

    If its that uncomfortable it possibly isn’t fitting you right, I used to buy them in Marks and I swear it was like wearing a metal brace around the girls, ouch :(
    Other than that I dont mind wearing one, except for sleeping. My sister will wear one in bed which just weirds me out completely

  • Carine says:

    Oh I couldn’t be without my bra. Hate the idea of going braless and walking around with them slapping about. It’s the last thing I take off at night and the first thing I put on in the morning. I do sleep braless you see.

    My big breasted friend swears by the service at Brown Thomas.

  • Littlesis says:

    I’m also a big boobed lady, once I’ve found a bra type or a brand I like, I tend to hold onto it for dear life. M&S bras cut the life out of me, I like Freya and they’re not the usual vile contraptions other big bras are!

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