I hate you so much right now: hormones making life living HELL

By Aisling | March 29 2012 | 41 Comments

woman in agony

This morning I woke up with clawing, grabbing, cramps ripping through me.

My head was splitting – a banging headache sprang into action to add to the joy.

I had to crawl – crawl! – to the kitchen to stuff down two Nurofen Plus and lie on the blessedly cool tiles until the tablets started to kick in and everything began to calm down.

“Later,” I croaked to the cats, pushing them away, as confused they kept trying to lie on me.  “I’ll feed you in a minute.”

I emitted a lonely wail in a tone that Chewbacca would have been proud of.

Minutes passed.  I began to recover and heading for the shower I reached for my toothbrush and caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror.

A huge volcanic spot glared back at me like something from a Stephen King novel.

Hormones I bloody hate you.

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41 Replies to "I hate you so much right now: hormones making life living HELL"

  • Kirstie says:

    when I googled a pic of Chewbacca … I FOUND THIS CHEWBACCA CAT!

  • daisydaisy says:

    Poor Aisling…I hope you have some Always so that it can turn into a ‘happy period’!!!!

    I love Chewbacca Cat :)

  • Brass Neck says:

    That’s definitely a dog. Look at its nose! :D

  • Joy says:

    You poor thing :( Me thinks a duvet day is what’s needed for you! That Chewbacca thing….it does have a dog face but look at the little cat ears…I want one!

  • Aisling says:

    Oh absolutely – it’s “always” a happy period with Always!

  • Bahahaha – is he a cat, Kirstie?! Looks half cat, half dog, ALL Wookiee!

    First up, I feckin love Kelis (that album rocked), secondly, Aisling I feel your pain, literally.

    We had a bad week last week in casa Cherry, my hormones in overload and both lads on edge with teenage angst – Highway to the Danger Zone!

  • Clarissa says:

    I understand your pain Aisling, I used to get terrible pain until I went on the contraceptive patch, it helps alot now though. Feminex is the only thing that takes away my pain! Hope you feel alot better really soon hun

  • Orla says:

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • Bellasianna says:

    Tip for painkillers and periods – My consultant told me to start taking them two days before you are due.
    My lay transaltion of why is that hormones kick off thier evil work a few days before your period actually starts. If you take painkillers when the pain starts you are playing catch up the whole time, so you need to get in there and put some manners on the auld hormones before they lose the run of themselves (and try to KILL* us!)
    I’m on ponstan for the bastardin’ yokes.

    *Slight exaggeration. But only slight.

    Feel better soon mrs. And feed the cats!

  • It’s the migraines for me. One at the start and one at the end.

    Plus I always feel I look a bit uglier during it – hard to explain but make-up doesn’t sit right, a top I always liked doesn’t look well, you know?

    I think it’s natures way of telling us to hibernate on the couch for four days and f*ck the world! I’m all for that!

  • Acat says:

    Haha, I hate hormones! I have been driven demented for the last two months. Mental moods – hyper/giddy, tense and angry, emotional and sappy, and that was just the one day! headaches, bloating. They have all gone now and I am left with a good mood and an unnaturally high temperature. I am roasting all the time! And then in a few days I know I will be getting my period and I will be in bits. I can feel it in my bones! But hopefully will go back to normal then with a few days of mentalness rather than two months.
    Himself is great about it and and says I get this “on the edge” look about me when hormones are playing up. I look tense and strained even from a distance.
    Have the neurofen, hot water bottles and ice packs waiting.

  • Aisling says:

    Bellasinna – I used to have to do that too years ago but thankfully – they recommend it for endometriosis – I didn’t have it. Just some hormone shit storm that blew itself out after inflicting mucho agony.

    Karen – absolutely, it’s ugly bugly time with the water retention, nothing fits!

    I am fine now, dosed up on painkillers and going to take a half day from work

  • Belle says:

    Kirstie I feel your pain hon. Curled up in manky dressing gown waiting for the Ponstin to kick in :(
    Offspring just starting her ‘journey’ into the world of hormones and I swear hubby actually looked terrified at points this week LOL!
    Karen totally agree that nothing fits as well or skin doesn’t look right .. I swear I age by about ten years for the week leading up and then my skin is grand after the little bugger arrives..
    And as for ‘happy period’… Here is the definitive answer to that! Hope it makes you all smile :)

  • Christina says:

    Just got my period this morning so know how you feel!

    I never used to have a problem with period pain- sure I’d get cramps, but nothing a few Nurofen wouldn’t easily deal with. As I’ve got older, I’ve found the cramps have got worse. The last few periods, I’ve had nasty spasmodic pain which literally makes me bend over. I often think I should get it checked out as it could be a symptom of fibroids or a uterine cyst, but then my period passes and I forget about it…. until the next time.

    The only thing I find to minimise the pain – it doesn’t entirely knock it out – is 400mg of ibuprofen (that’s two standard Nurofens) and a paracetemol. That takes the sting out of the cramps for a good few hours, but you have to take it before the pain really kicks in.

    BTW anyone else notice that pictures illustrating period pain always show the woman in her underwear, clutching her stomach with a picturesque grimace on her face? What’s with that? Fully clothed women don’t get menstrual cramps?

  • Hillybilly says:

    I can empathise girls! I’ve suffered terrible period pain for years and unfortunately Ponstan and Ponstan Forte don’t have any effect on me. Nurofen Plus however is your only woman for the job.
    The worst is when a pharmacy asistant tries to come between me and the painkillers when I’m in bits! I’m no addict so don’t treat me like one!!!!! Grrrrr……

  • that is a “dag” if I ever did see one (if you can say it with a Snitch accent 2 more neurofen for you).

    Something you can do is to alternate neurofen and paracetemol every two hours. (8am take paracetemol 10am take neurofen etc) it works well and you are never “coming down”.

    hehehe, the hubs becomes very subservient during la lune. Its a bit of a blessing tbh.

    Has anyone experienced pain when you are ovulating? I am getting this at the moment, to every 14 days I feel like the world or dropping out of my VJJ. Very frustrating. Changed docs again so that I can try to get to the bottom of it. Male docs look at me like: “whah??!!!??” and I am just tired of it now. Female docs all the way from now on.

  • Snitch??? Snitch??? I have clearly been reading Harry Pothead novels to the DD. I meant Snatch.

  • mcDreamy says:

    I am allergic to ponstan and neurofen, or horrors, but thankfully the Pill sorted out my period pain. Now, 14 years later, my only fear is that I am going to need to use my Uterus at some point in the not too distant future (before it passes its “use-by” date!), and that will involve me coming off the pill :-(

  • Christina says:

    Pain at ovulation is quite common – there’s even a fancy German term for it ‘mittelschmertz’ or ‘middle pain’!

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