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Hillary Clinton: stubborn refusal to stop wearing scrunchies sends shockwaves through corridors of power

By Aisling | April 16 2012 | 21 Comments

Forget the erring husband and the intern and the cigar.  A bigger embarrassment has befallen Hillary Clinton.

Everyone knows that scrunchies are OUT darling.  Don’t they?  (Apart from branches of Accessorize who have a dazzling array of velvet, glitter and beaded scrunchies on permanent display).

Well someone forgot to send Hillary Clinton the memo. Staff are in despair over her constant wearing of this eighties throwback hair accessory.  In a recent interview with Elle Magazine an aide confided that “some of us are looking to ban the scrunchies”.

Maybe it’s the same scrunchy she’s had round her wrist since 1988? Or maybe she takes it off the bedpost each morning, lovingly dusting its soft velvet exterior, and slides it onto her blonde locks ready to face the day?  Maybe it’s a lucky scrunchy?  Who knows.


Hillary is on constant style police watch due to crimes against hair accessories though it must be said.  She’s particularly fond of glitter clips (see above) and padded velvet alice bands

Whatever the reason for these adornments – and the fact that it’s HANDY to quickly tie your hair back is probably the main one - presumably Hillary likes them.  And so she should bloody wear them if she wants.

Maybe she’s too busy solving world problems and being incredibly dynamic, intelligent and giving it all that in the corridors of power to care about her scrunchy habit.

Someone should send her disloyal aides THAT memo.



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