Givenchy Crosiere Collection for SS12: Pictures & Swatches

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Givenchy crosiere collection

Look for Givenchy’s summer collection, Crosiere, in May. It’s good for getting your glow on and is a small-but-perfectly formed edit of bronzing and lit-from-within enhancing products. They might have lit Liv there above with a little too much Photoshop though …

There are three new shades of Givenchy’s Croisiére Powder, €45.50, in shades 2, 3 and 4 launching.

croserie bronzers

It’s talc-free powder, lightweight and designed to give a natural-looking finish no matter your skintype – just pick the shade that suits.

givenchy bronzer

I was sent No4, Extreme Crosiere. Me and it have been off bungee jumping, bareback riding and paragliding all weekend. No messin’.

givenchy bronzer - closeup

It’s a bit too dark for my skintone but given that it’s a product designed to impart colour, actually not crazily so. Given the choice though I’d have plumped for shade 1 or 2. Texture is lovely; this is finely milled, super-smooth and applies nicely. There’s no powdery kick-back in the pan in the way there can often be with bronzers, meaning you and your bathroom are nicely Tangoed.

givenchy crosiere swatches

And the all-important swatches: thickly swatched on the left and blended out on the right.

mr radiant

Next up, Givenchy Mister Radiant Body, €45.50, is an interesting little beastie. Scented with frangipani, it’s limited edition and is a doohickey that’s been about before for face. This time, we’re seeing it for body. As you dispense, the pearls in suspension release pearlescent colour and antioxidants that result in a natural-looking tan. Fancy!


Lastly, there are two Croisiére Gloss Balms in shades, 1 and 2, are €27.50 each. Care and colour mark these out – shea butter and hyaluronic acid are included to nourish and hydrate lips.

Liking anything?


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14 Replies to "Givenchy Crosiere Collection for SS12: Pictures & Swatches"

  • Miss Star says:

    Is it just me or is anyone else totally and utterly fed up of looking at Liv Tyler? She’s friggin EVERYWHERE

  • papillon says:

    I love the look of the Mister Radiant Body. Though I will resist, as it’s not in my price range. That’s the sorta thing I’d be obsessing over though thinking it would make my life better.. which it would .. for like, an hour :-)

  • Banjaxed says:

    Oh God, I didn’t even realise that was Liv Tyler! She looks different…

    This is way out of my price range unfortunately + not to mention the fact that I’m terrified of bronzers. I wonder is that why the sales assistant got so narky with me yesterday when I was trying to buy the Teint Idole 24h foundation? She told me to put bronzer on over it to “darken it” for photos. I must have looked horrified because she was very rude to me after that… I can’t help it, I just don’t like bronzer…;-)

  • legalyblonde says:

    That is not Liv Tyler… Sick of all the photo shop now, Liv Tyler is possibly one of the most unusually stunning people on the planet and they’ve managed to make her look so blooming odd here. Growl.

  • OtherMary says:

    I could look at Liv Tyler all day long. She is ridiculously beautiful without an ounce of make up and in shitty lighting, on a bad hair day in frumpy clothes.

    But this? Who signed off on this ad copy?

    “Mister Radiant Body” is a silly name for a product but it looks cool in the tube.

  • Brass Neck says:

    I can’t be the only one who’s now humming “Mister Plough” from The Simpsons and imaging myself a lovely Homer yellow, surely?….

  • Miss Sherken says:

    poor Liv certainly looks done over! She looks much better without it!

  • Cailín says:

    Love liv,a pale fan by all accounts,not mad about this collection thougj

  • rachel says:

    where can i get givenchy in ireland?? help!

  • Ola says:

    Douce Croisiere looks beyooootiful but for financial reasons I’ll be sticking with my Body Shop bronzer ;) which is ace, by the way..

  • Lisa says:

    I keep reading it as “Crozier”, which is conjuring up some very odd mental images – “Crozier powder – for THE SKIN OF A BISHOP!”

  • I love Liv Tyler so I’m biased but prefer her rocking the pale look!

  • D says:

    If the new collection can make the beautiful Liv Tyler look like that, then i think I’ll pass thanks!!

  • DJ says:

    The only place to get it is Debenhams on henry street Rachel! Stuff is fab!(Being a little biased!) Bronzer is gorgeous, on of the most natural, however I agree, I do love me some pale Liv!:)

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