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Girls and their sports: Olympic Sport of Sailing demystified in hilarious video

By | August 6 2012 | 4 Comments

Question.  Were you were watching the women’s sailing earlier on RTE and cheering yourself hoarse for Annalise?

We were anyway and we’re not afraid to admit that we didn’t really have a friggin clue what was going on.   Previous races could be added up and the worst one subtracted, everyone was milling around in what looked like very difficult and technical wind speed situations and there was a great deal of tacking.  “The Chinese girl” made some kind of yellow card peno (nobody knew what it was though) and had to twirl her boat around a couple of times.  Sometimes everyone sailed around a red marker and we shouted “Tack tack” even though we didn’t know what that was, or why we should be shouting it.

We knew there was danger from “the Dutch girl” and “the Belgian girl”, there was  mass confusion and eventually “the Chinese girl” won the race.

Well done Annalise – you were brilliant and we admire your mastery of this intensely difficult and physically demanding sport.  But for the rest of us eejits – take a look at this.



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