Five Heavenly Hair Oils, From Shu Uemura, John Frieda, L’Oreal, Bearna Natural Care

By Beautie | July 19 2012 | 25 Comments

Hair Oils

If you’re concerned in any way about the condition of your hair, and you’re not treating it with oil, I have just one thing to say. Start! You will be amazed at their silkening, softening ways and how, in just a short space of time, they can completely revolutionise your hair. You used to have to dig deep for the privilege, but now there’s a hair oil out there for every budget. These five are all strong performers.

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Hair Oil

ONE The first hair oil I tried was this Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Oil and it was love at first pump. It’s one of my top five hair products of all time but, at €53, it’s the most spendy of everything I’m showing you today. Read more about it here.

John Frieda Perfect Ends Deep Infusion

TWO John Frieda’s Perfect Ends Deep Infusion is made with Inca Inchi Oil, which is rich in omega-3 and other essential fatty acids. Much thinner than other John Frieda serums you might have tried, the 50 ml pump bottle is handy for carrying around. For best results, use this product with heat – though I don’t, and I’m still pleased with how it tames my frizzy ends. It’s €7.03.

L'Oreal Mythic Oil

THREE L’Oreal recently added to their Mythic Oil range with this Colour Glow Oil  and an Oil Milk, for fine to normal hair. Both are €19.00 and available from salons carrying the L’Oreal Professional range. In the week or so I’ve used this I’ve been hugely impressed – there’s not much a whole lot between this and the much pricier Shu Uemura oil I mention above. It’s a lightweight, fluid blend of silicones and natural oils – linseed and cranberry – along with a UV filter to protect colour from fading in the sun. And it smells delish.

 L'Oreal Elvive extraordinary oil

FOUR  Thicker and more viscous than Mythic Oil, Elvive Extraordinary Oil (also by L’Oreal) looks and feels more expensive than its €14.99 pricetag. A blend of six floral oils - including rose, dog daisy and chamomile – means this smells divine. Because it’s richer than the others featured, it’s great as a treatment or on wet hair. This one’s for all hair types, and a version for colour treated hair is also available.

Bearna Natural Care Argan Oil

FIVE The vast majority of hair oils on the market today contain silicone. My hair loves it, but not everyone feels the same way. If you’d prefer to avoid it then this Bearna Natural Care Argan Oil (€16.95) would be a very good pick. Unlike certain other ‘argan oil’ products we could name, this one’s 100% pure. It’s unscented, organic, carries the Ecocert stamp and is sourced from a Berber women’s co-operative – and, oh yeah, it’s Irish, too! Read our full review.

With all of these products, you can use ‘em on wet or dry hair, before or after shampooing, as a conditioning treatment or styling aid, according to your preference.

Are you already oiling up? What’s your potion of choice?

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25 Replies to "Five Heavenly Hair Oils, From Shu Uemura, John Frieda, L’Oreal, Bearna Natural Care"

  • gracey says:

    Have you tried classic Moroccan Oil? It’s my favourite! It’s so amazing, it did wonders for my long dry hair!<3

  • avicakes says:

    I’ve tried Moroccanoil, pure coconut oil, John Freida perfect ends, V05 oil and Ojon oil. I can’t say any of these made sweet feck all difference to my hair, except Ojon when I used about 5 complete handfulls of it in one go. I would invest in Shu Uemura if it could work, do you think it would be that much better than all the above mentioned? I’ve fine hair but absolutely tons of it.

  • This is a brilliant post Emma – I love hair oils and serums so much, the only things that keep me from looking like a frizzy poodle. This weather is atrocious for hair – I am getting through tons of hair product

  • LoCo says:

    Shu sounds amazing but good it’s expensive.

    MorroccanOil or Kerastase Elixir Ultime?

    I have been using MorroccanOil for ages and just wondering if I should try something new. Anyone tried both?? should I just stick to my beloved MorroccanOil.
    For reference I have very thick hair, goes frizzy and has natural wave/kink, not coloured.

  • Kitty In The City says:

    I use the argan oil from Penneys, but I decanted it into a small bottle of Morroccan oil. Must remember to use it, wonder how much argan is in it? Might have a go of Mythic Oil when it’s gone.

  • daisydaisy says:

    I had the L’Oreal Mythic Oil used on my hair in a salon last weekend – Loved it!!!

  • ZsaZsa says:

    I’ve used Moroccanoil and loved it but unfortunately I currently cannot justify the cost of repurchasing it at the moment despite it lasting ages. I would love to try some of the cheaper ones available to see how they compare.

    Currently I’m using Lush’s R&B which is sold as a hair moisturiser rather than an oil so it doesn’t really count in as an oil despite having the likes of coconut and jojoba oil as two of ingredients (it also has essential oils and a couple of other ingredients too which results in it having a different texture and not really being a hair oil). My hair really loves this (probably more than Moroccanoil) and I love the smell also (but acknowledge that the scent would not be for everyone).

  • I’m a divil for hair oils and serums too.

    L’Oreal Cristalliste is my current fave but the Avon ‘Argan Oil’ does wonders for my grúaig. I’ve been using both Mythic oils on alternate washes for the past fortnight and am seriously impressed with them.

    Oh & Nuxe Huile when I’m just out of the bath and rubbing it into my bod I always use the last sheen on my hands on the tips of my hair. Really helps smooth out the layers when drying.

    Great post!

  • actionmags says:

    I am obsessed with orofludio I use it after every wash- it helps the hair to stay healthy and prolong the time between cuts which is great if you trying to grow your hair – its also supposed to cut drying time

    everybody need a hair oil in their life STAT – just dont go mental with them

  • Littlesis says:

    Love Kerastase’s offering and the mythic oil too, gives blonde hair some well needed shine!

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