First Look: Tom Ford Metallic Beauty Collection Spring 2012: Pictures & Swatches

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tom ford nail lacquers

Behold with your human eyes: we were promised regular limited edition seasonal collection from Tom Ford, and this here’s the first.  And yup, it offers a nice point of difference for anyone who’s already plundered the brand and found they really liked what they saw.

Because landing on counter at Brown Thomas Dublin from the start of April is a short-but-sweet metallic edit. Four dense, blendable, buildable eye souffles, four ranging-from-sheer-to-full-on polishes and one lip gloss make up the collection. Two existing blushers/bronzers will also be re-promoted as part of the line.

tom ford metallic nail polish

Burnished Rouge, Burnt Topaz, Silver Smoke, Gold Haze

For lacquer lovers, these are something to get extremely excited about. I hadn’t tried Ford’s formula before and now have Burnished Rouge in my grasp, as well as Gold Haze. Burnished Rouge is a deep, multi-dimensional beauty that’s perfectly presentable in two coats. Gold Haze and Silver Smoke are lighter – they’re always going to be those sort of sheerer metallics I personally don’t plump for, but the two on the other end of the spectrum are richly pigmented, and fabulous on. €31 each is the damage.

Tom Ford Burnished Rouge

See? Even on my poor, short and woefully mistreated nails it’s gleamingly good.

tom ford Cream Pot For Eyes

Cream Pot For Eyes

There are four Cream Pots For Eyes, €36, in Spice, Platinum, Guilt and Illicit. These metallic neutrals are new and nothing like them exists in the lineup already; unctuous in texture, these can be sheered out or layered thickly. There’s tons of adult lady gleam but no chunky glitter; just sophisticated bling. You get lots in the pot – and I reckon it’s a decent price-point for this brand.

tom ford swatches

And the requisite swatches: Platinum, Guilt, Spice, Illicit

tom Ford Beauty Lip Lacquer in Gold Dust

And lastly there’s a Lip Lacquer in Gold Dust, €31, which is a sheer gloss with a liberal sprinkling of gleaming gold.

PSST: in May, bronzer fans can sit up and take note as there’s another launch in-coming in the form of two beautifully-presented bronzing compacts for face and body. We’ll bring you more pix and info on them very shortly!

So – for today, tell me in a comment, are you liking, are you drooling, and what’s going on the wishlist?

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31 Replies to "First Look: Tom Ford Metallic Beauty Collection Spring 2012: Pictures & Swatches"

  • MilkyMoo says:


    Stunning doesn’t cover it…

  • Smokey Eyes says:

    Wow those nail polishes and eye pots are flippin’ gorgeous!

    Drooling all over my keyboard:)

  • Sandy Beach says:


  • MilkyMoo says:

    Kirstie have you tested the Cream Pots on your human eyes yet?

  • Oh God, Burnished Rouge and Burnt Topaz are absolutely gorgeous and don’t get me started on those Cream Pots… Stunning…

  • Kirstie says:

    No, just my human hands. I didn’t get any samples to take of them unfortunately, but I think Platinum is the best one – a super-duper good taupey neutral

  • rosey says:

    Maybe it’s just me but this seems like such an autumnal launch – just not feeling it on a blue-skied spring day!

  • Emmety says:

    WOW!!! So pretty and shiny!!!
    How is the quality of the nail polish?? Does it chip instantly like some other high end polishes??

  • Hazie says:

    That nail polish looks lovely! So shiny!

  • daneka says:

    love the look of illicit eye souffle….mmmmmmmm!!

  • OMG I actually feel a little bit weak looking at those. I don’t remember seeing such glamorous makeup! The polish is STUNNING on your nails and the eye colours are just swoony.


    Nic x

  • I rather fancy all of the cream pots, oh and Burnished Rouge and Burnt Topaz, too. Why is it so long to Christmas?!

  • xgirl says:

    I agree with rosey – it feels very A/W to me. But thankfully nothing I’d need to have either way :)

  • Fiona says:

    Oh. My. God. The beauty. Tomo has done it again.

    Btw Kirstie, light metallics are definitely my thing so, y’know, just saying… ;)

  • ZsaZsa says:

    I like the look of the Burnished Rouge and Burnt Topaz nail polish Nail polishes and all of the eyeshadow shades. I agree that the colours are autumnal, but they are the sort of colours I go for – I’m not really one for neons or pastels

  • Maj says:

    Rosey and xgirl i agree with you, i think this collection would e drop dead gorgeous for autumn. Its still pretty nice but 31 euro for nail varnish-wowsers!

  • sweetie says:

    Am I the only one who’s completely unimpressed? Nail polishes aren’t in any way unique, cream pots are okay, I guess, and the lip gloss tube looks so badly done, like something you’d buy off a stall on Henry street around Xmas, not from TF counter. Now, let me just go back and drool over Shu domed blusher Emma posted about!

    BTW, Zoya does a similar polish to Burnished Rouge, I think it’s called Isla. It’s not as blackened, but hey, it’s not 30 quid either :)

  • Sarah says:

    Be still my beating heart. Those polishes! I’m off to root around down the back of the sofa…

  • Rosamaria says:

    Think those polishes and shadows look only fabilis.

    However, since I usually only try nail polishes once or twice before moving on to the next shiny thing, I think I better stick with Essence and Catrice

  • Tha platinum cream pot is gorge! *_*

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