Dupe Alert! Barbara Daly Soft Focus Highlighter Vs Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

By Beaut.ie | January 17 2012 | 21 Comments

barbara daly and benefit dupe

I followed through with my weekend plans and actually did make a start on spring cleaning my clutter at the weekend. Three bin bags to the charity shop later, two loads of crap out to the rubbish and my wardrobe was inexplicibly looking as rammed as ever (how? HOW!?) so I decided go give that up for the time being and tackle the beauty stash, which had apparently been breeding like rabbits since the last cull a year or so ago.

Now I know why they get the army into the Phoenix park when they need to address the auld deer problem. A clinical, detached eye is what’s needed. Preferably one with wipe-clean combats, in my case. Things were so bad I had to get seriously ruthless and really, really be hard-hearted, ditching what I knew I wasn’t going to use again.

Coming across one cream blusher with a mould bloom across its surface helped (yack!), and as I was sorting, I found a good few products I’d forgotten about, things I loved and wanted to revisit plus this little pair of liquid skin luminising beauties, a deadly couple of dupes if ever I saw ‘em.

Barbara Daly Soft Focus Highlighter and benefit girl meets pearl

Both are pearlised, rose gold fluid illuminators you can mix into skincare or base or buff onto madeup skin for a final finish. Use across the tops of cheekbones, browbones, down the nose, on the cupids bow; all the areas you’d usually use a highlighter. The fact the formula of each is liquid means ease of use across decollete and collar bones too. The shimmery finish is beautiful on both and the shade is warm and flattering to cool skintones.

Barbara Daly Soft Focus Highlighter is about €10 or thereabouts at selected Tesco stores (check this post, it’s our most recent source of stockist info for the brand but I bought this one at the Celbridge branch which is generally fairly well stocked) and Benefit Girl Meets Pearl is a much spendier €34.50, so props to Babs on price already.

The Barbara Daly product contains 15ml and the Benefit product contains 12ml. Babs scores again. The most obvious difference here is packaging and naturally, Benefit scores bigtime for its lovely metallic pink and purple affair. Babs’ kinda drab bottle can’t really compete but for ease of use, lots will prefer her pump over Benefit’s twist-up dispenser mechanism.

dupe alert!

So, how do they compare in side by side swatchin’?  Barbara Daly’s Soft Focus Highlighter is a bit pinker when thickly swatched and Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl is a little more peachy. In use though, when they’re blended out and lightly layered, there is absolutely nothing in it.

If a liquid rose gold highlighter is on your gotta have it list for 2012 and you want to save a really big chunk of cash too, then it’s a no brainer. Barbara Daly wins this battle of the dupes hands-down.

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21 Replies to "Dupe Alert! Barbara Daly Soft Focus Highlighter Vs Benefit Girl Meets Pearl"

  • Maj says:

    *Ahem* /which charity shop did you say you left off these ‘bin bags’ to? :)

  • Excellenté! I wanted to try Girl Meets Pearl. I Thank you Kirstie, my purse Thanks you too :)

  • ellie70 says:

    Oh this is so maddening! The stockist list says BD is available in Arthur’s Quay and Dooradoyle in Limerick but I know for certain that it is not. I have checked many times recently and the only make up stand they have is Rimmel (which you can get anywhere.) Think I will see if I can find out how to email the managers of these stores to make a fuss.

  • MUFD says:

    @ellie70 as far as a remember, the large Tesco at (I think it’s) Coonagh (? it’s on the way to the Radisson SAS Hotel in Limerick) stocks Barbara Daly…

    At least it did 6 months ago!


  • Ninaluna says:

    I’ve always like the BD stuff, used to have a particular gra for her powder foundation a while back. Might try get my hands on this stuff at the weekend, I’ve moved away from totally matte forumalas, love the glowey look!

  • Lel says:

    Grr, was planning on not speanding anything this week but this post made me pop out at lunch and buy some of the BD!! Can’t wait to try it tomorrow now! Don’t know how much it would be in Ireland but I just got it in UK for £6.75.

  • gobo says:

    Barbara Daly concealer also beats the pants off Benefit Boi-ing concealer. It’s not as oily and it’s defo more heavily pigmented. It’s my go to, totally abandoned boi-ing after finding it.

  • Aine says:

    Hi Ellie70
    I think they stock BD in the Tesco at Coonagh Cross Limerick.

  • MUFD says:

    @ellie70 @Aine yep they definitely stock Barbara Daly at Coonagh Cross, they did up to a couple of months ago anyhow!

  • ~Thalia~ says:

    Ellie70, they used to carry it in dooradoyle alright but it’s been gone now over a year I’d say so they need to update their website!

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