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Desert Island Beauty Product: MAC Plumful Lipstick

By xgirl | February 8 2012 | 19 Comments

mac plumful

Something terrible happened while I was doing my big beauty spring clean. I’m still not sure how, but it seems in my enthusiasm I managed to get rid of my MAC lipstick in Plumful. I didn’t even notice at the time, but a while later, the colour crossed my mind for some reason, and I realised that I didn’t remember seeing any trace of it in my neatly re-organised collection. A closer check of the contents of my Muji drawers (not to mention the one or two makeup bags where product could have been lurking and the pocket of my handbag where I was storing a few random lipsticks) confirmed my suspicions – Plumful was gone for good!

I’m not sure how this happened, as it fulfilled all the criteria to remain on my “keep” list – was a respectable age (having already been re-purchased not too long ago), still in perfect condition and I loved the colour on me. I also had an emotional connection to it, as it was the colour I wore on my wedding day. So I can only surmise that I mistakenly took it for another, less-loved product when it was discarded. And now that I had noticed its absence, I suddenly needed it back in my life again.

It’s fairly unusual for me to repurchase a colour product (as distinct from a foundation or powder, which I will often repurchase) like this when it comes to makeup. For a start it usually takes me forever to actually get close to using a product up and even then by the time I’m finished with it, it’s likely I’ve discovered a new favourite with a more improved finish or formula, if the old favourite even still exists anymore.

Speaking of which, I wasn’t sure if Plumful would have survived the MAC merry-go-round of new product and limited edition releases, but I was pleased to spot it almost as soon as I looked at the vast lipstick display at the counter. A plummy pink shade, it doesn’t look particularly remarkable in the tube, but on my lips it transforms into possibly one of the best colours I’ve ever worn.

mac plumful swatch

The perfect balance of cool and warm, this is an ideal daytime colour, giving my pale lips the impact they need without overwhelming my face and pulling everything together for a brighter look, even if I’m only wearing mascara on my eyes. It’s a Lustre formula lipstick, so it feels nice and moisturising on and despite the somewhat sheer finish, it still has a nice level of pigment and lasts very well on me. It’s also dark enough to be worn at night – ideal to accompany a strong eye or topped with a gloss for more impact.

Now that I have it back in my life, I don’t seem to want to wear anything but Plumful. No doubt this phase will pass and I’ll be tempted by other lipsticks again, but I’ll always know what to wear when I want to look my best with little effort.

Do you have a desert island makeup product that works as well? Let us know in a comment!

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