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Burger King cheeseburger eyeshadow: yum or yuk?

By Aisling | May 1 2012 | 30 Comments

Brings a whole new meaning to “flashing your burger”* doesn’t it?

Nail art is so over darlings.  Gimmicky eye shadow is where it’s at.

Last  month Burger King in the Netherlands brought out a new campaign to advertise their cheeseburger.  With eye shadow.  Yes that’s right.    The eyelid represents the seeded bun, the lashes are a spikey sort of lettuce while under the eye pools a gunky cheese and sauce combo.  And right down the bottom is the actual burger – complete with char grilled lines.

While I obviously applaud the creativity and skill that this took, to me this does look as horrid and as unappetising as eating a spider.

But it is kind of fun isn’t it?  What other food could you imagine being replicated upon the eyes?

*In case that’s an unfamiliar phrase it’s another term for the dreaded camel toe.

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