Bobbi Brown concealer and foundation: fresh face fake it tips

By Aisling | January 7 2012 | 22 Comments

bobbi brown

Ah makeup.

What else can make you feel so good so quickly and vastly improve your appearance in a matter of seconds?

Nothing.  And post Christmas we all could do with a bit of help if we’ve been burning the candle at both ends.

So when a comunikay arrived yesterday from Bobbi Brown with words of wisdom I knew you’d be interested.  Along with all the usual blah about drinking eight glasses of water a day and eating properly there were some good tips on how to use her products to wake yourself up and put some “spring” into your step (pun intended).

She reckons you need not one but two concealer type products to combat dark shadows under the eyes. “For an instant lift, use a pink- or peach-toned Corrector to brighten and neutralize discoloration under the eyes. Next, layer a yellow-toned Creamy Concealer  one shade lighter than your skin tone directly over the Corrector” (read our take on the Creamy Concealer duo here).

For alternatives to Bobbi Brown take a look at the top five concealers loved by you in last years Awards and check our concealer category for reviews of other brands.

Now it’s on to foundation.  “Most women have yellow undertones in their skin so a yellow-toned foundation will blend perfectly and look like it belongs. Test the color on the side of your face and also on your forehead (it should disappear). Once the color is correct, choose a formula that gives you the coverage and finish you’re after.   For dry winter skin, try Extra Repair Foundation SPF25 .”

Kirstie really liked this new foundation (read her take on Extra Repair Foundation) but I’m not at all convinced with this whole “yellow toned” foundation lark suiting almost every  woman in the world.  But if you do have a yellow toned (sallow complexion) then it’s a winner. (The issue of “am I pink or yellow” is covered in Gorgeous to Go -  check your copy for tips).

Want more?  Check out our step by step tutorial on how to brighten up your everyday makeup.

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22 Replies to "Bobbi Brown concealer and foundation: fresh face fake it tips"

  • Julie says:

    ‘Most women’ my eye. I’m pink and BB products make me look jaundiced! Pity because they seem like good products

  • Baglady says:

    I get confused by yellow toned products actually. They tone down redness under the eyes so does that mean they tone down a pink toned complexion? I’m NW in MAC, does that mean their foundation is pink or yellow toned on me? Sorry you’ve probably answered this a hundred times!

  • joanna says:

    Yellow or Pink is one of those one things I’ve never been able to work out! If I go by all the tell-tale signs (colour of veins in wrist etc) then I’m supposedly pink-toned, but pink-toned foundation looks ghastly on me and yellow-toned looks far better. No clue!

  • Aisling says:

    Baglady – you’re pink, like me if you’re NW in Mac

    Julie – me too! But it’s only the foundation that doesn’t work for me – the other makeup is brilliant

  • Aisling says:

    Joanna – it’s a tricky one alright. The looking ghastly is probably a key sign though!

  • Aisling says:

    You know what – we should do an “ask the expert” on pink or yellow. And ask a few experts, because they never seem to agree either. So er maybe that would lead to more confusion…

  • Talking about the BB concealer, does any of you ladies know where to get matched to the proper colour? The only place I tried was Dublin airport (10am flight after the drive from Limerick when the motorway wasn’t up yet, so that was a 4 hours drive hence huge dark circles) and the girl there tried a different shade on each eye, none matching!
    I don’t think there’s a BB counter in BT Limerick, and I fear if it’s the same result as the Chanel counter there they will try to match me to a way too dark colour!

  • lainey316 says:

    When I was in Singapore for 3 months, towards the end I got a BB foundation on porcelain and it worked pretty well. After a month or so back home, it started to come up too yellow. Theory – tanning, even minimal, creates yellow tones. This may be where Ms. Brown got her “most people” theory? I don’t think most north-east europeans have yellow tones, might be more 50/50.

  • Chris says:

    I just bought the Dark Peach corrector, and it’s been working out swell. :)

    I call BS on “most women have yellow undertones”. I worked with a Ukrainian model not 2 days ago who had strong pink undertones. No way yellow could have worked on her.

  • fififinx says:

    Generalisations are a dangerous thing, but I’m gunna do it anyway. Most Irish women are pink toned. Most Scandinavians are yellow toned. Poles are generally yellow toned, but Ukrainians pink and the Germans are all over the show. In France, there’s a North/South split with pinker to the north and yellower to the south. Spain Portugal and Greece yellow, but Italy a mix….Europe’s a mishmash, but bearing in mind that half of the world’s population are either Chinese or Indian (both with yellow tones) then technically Ms Brown would be right. It certainly explains why her stuff makes me look like I’m 3 days past dead. Generalisations are a dangerous thing!

  • Kat says:

    I am pink, pink, pink – ever so pink! MAC’s NW products are too yellow for me, BB most definitely is (which is a shame, as they go so pale). The upside is that I can use BB colour corrector in light bisque (one of the pink toned ones) as an under eye concealer, without all the layering business. I think it’s great – being super pale/see through, I have some serious under eye blues that need alleviating, and I guess the two colours (blue and pink) neutralize each other so well, it completely blends into my skin. So, even as I bitterly contemplate BB’s lovely, but yellow, foundations, the colour correctors are a winner for me!

  • miffyonline says:

    My take on the yellow/pink tone is this. If you are cool (pink , then you can choose to complement or match this with a cool-toned base, or you can try and cancel out the pink tone with a warm base. I think it’s personal taste. I’ve been labeled both NW and NC by MAC SAs in different places. I can wear Bobbi’s yellow-toned foundations and I need less concealer when I do (I use concealer mainly on my cheeks and around my nose) but I can also wear NARS Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc, which is pink in tone. *shrugs*

    Oh, and I don’t think I’m neutral, either. I definitely fall into the cool/pink category.

  • Macloon says:

    I think I’m neutral. I have pink and yellow tones. I think Dior foundations cater for 4 skin tones? Golden, pink, peach and neutral

  • Emsy says:

    This might be a stupid comment and please correct me if im wrong-but I always thought that pink toned complexions (as in the majority of Irish people id say) should be neutralized with a yellow base on top so as to get rid of any redness etc? I thought that if you used a pink based on a pink toned complexion it would actually enhance the pink in skin??!

    I am extremely pale and I was recommended bobbi brown foundation in porcelain and it is the perfect match on me. I also wear their corrector and concealer but unlike Kat said above, I definitely could not wear the corrector on its own because it looks wayy too pink on me, just like the ysl touche eclat does! Im really confused now..would love an expert (not assoc with any particular mu brand) to clear all of these pinky yellowy colour problems up! God, the things us girls have to worry about eh!!

  • Baglady says:

    Emsy – that’s exactly what I was trying to say.

    I’d love an expert on this too.

  • I am not pink nor yellow, I am grey… or as the Lancome SA in BT told me once, I am “very sallow” (and then tried to sell me a foundation in a colour that would never match me, even after years in the sun. I should have known, looking at the difference between her face and her neck).

  • Donna says:

    I am fair but have warm undertones. So yellow works for me. Funny my mother’s side of the family came from the Orkney Isles and we always said we were Vikings. This could prove it going by miffyonline.

  • makeup4ever says:

    Totally agree with Emsy-I think that Brown is trying to say that most of us have some element of a yellow undertone in our skin(if we were completely pink we’d be talking Mr. Blobby territory here). Even for those of us with a mainly pink undertones, yellow evens us out and hides redness- put pink tones over pink tones and we just get more pink!

    Cool and warm are a total other conversation!It depends on the brand you’re using and the color wheel their creator uses. Some brands (like MAC) use an artists color wheel while a lot of others use a makeup color wheel.So for example MAC will say yellow tones are cool (NC-Neutral cool foundations are yellow) where most other brands will say yellow is warm.Go figure!

  • MilkyMoo says:

    Emsy I think the same – I’m very pale with plenty of pink in my skin, and I find pink-toned foundations enhance that pinkness terribly. As long as it’s pale enough, a yellow-toned foundation is 100 times better for neutralising that redness.

  • Cait says:

    makeup4ever – thank you so much! I could never ever understand why MAC called the yellow tone “cool” and the pink “warm” when almost everything else I’ve seen calls pink cool. I thought I was going crazy and could never figure out whether I was supposed to have a “cool” or “warm” skintone.

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