Bliss Blood Orange & White Pepper: too orangey for crows. Perfect for me

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Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper body butter is my new beauty crush.  It’s paraben free, scented with mouth-watering citrus and musky pepper and moisturises my skin all the way to Smoothy-town and back. I can’t get enough; I keep my bottle in my bag to sniff whenever I get a chance.

In just a few weeks of use, this has become a can’t-live-without product. I’ve been lashing it on and sploding it out onto the hands of anyone who is too slow to get away with cries of “You HAVE to try this, you HAVE to!”

It is expensive though: a 200ml bottle will set you back thirty quid.  Is it just me, or does that plastic tube with light blue packaging and white font really not exactly scream expensive? Seeing as I’ve just quit smoking, I do feel a little bit like treating myself and thirty quid for body moisturiser isn’t too awful.  Is it?

If your budget allows it, I really recommend checking this out. For now, I’m weighing up the pros and cons, while working my way thorough some other lovely skincare. Realistically, I’m probably going to buy it and feel that glorious mixture of guilt and total satisfaction.

What do we think? Am I being too fond of myself or should I part with the pennies?

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17 Replies to "Bliss Blood Orange & White Pepper: too orangey for crows. Perfect for me"

  • I can attest that Lorraine has indeed handed this to me in a nightclub and had me slather some on my arm. It really is gorgeous and I sat in said nightclub, sniffing my arm for ages. It’s tangeriney and really summery and you know what Lorraine? If you love something like this so much, don’t feel guilty about treating yourself! You’re off the holy schmokes and you deserve it. I am the No 1 enabler so I am…

  • Denise says:

    I love Bliss but I agree with you that the packaging doesn’t stand out as a luxury product. It is pricey so not something everyone will splurge on but I always think if you love something then you won’t think about the price. You deserve your treat after giving up the cigs! Well done!

  • cailín says:

    too orangey for crows, loved that ad!

  • PinkPanther says:

    Ooh, I’m having a massage in the Bliss Spa after work today so might have to pick this up when I’m there. Sounds delish!

  • Lisa says:

    In SPOOKY BEAUT.IE MIND MELD news, I was just thinking this morning in the ould shower (Nuxe Reve de Miel body wash, v nice) that I must get more of that Bliss orange stuff: the shower gel is gorgeous as well. This post is obviously A SIGN that I should buy it today.

  • gossipgal says:

    Love Bliss packaging. Think it looks really good. Im sure your saving close to €30 a week by not buying cigs

  • Aisling says:

    Go for it – and get the shower gel too! Course you deserve it. Soapy Sap must be next on your list though

  • Gigi says:

    I got a sample of this (50ml) in a glossybox.
    I have now collected (through swaps on facebook) no less than 8 of these babies – it’s addictive!

    AND if that’s not enough…..try the Lemon and Sage!!! *faints due to love of citrus scents!!!!!!

  • Dee says:

    I love this, got it in glossybox too. However it reminds me of a lovely body butter i had from soap & glory, it was in the blue packaging and it had a gorgeous citrussy smell, but the blue stuff seems to be discontinued now :(

  • Cait says:

    When I saw the packaging I thought you were going to say that it was one of Boots really good bargains! If it works that well go for it. Good body lotions are hard to find. I usually find that they’re either too rich and don’t sink in at all or too light and don’t moisturise at all.

  • Lorraine says:

    Yiz say exactly the right thing!

  • Breige says:

    I’ve always thought the packaging looks like Boots Own Brand or something

  • Therese says:

    This is my favourite smell in the whole world ever! The body scrub is just gorgeous and you can also get a handcream and shower gel in this scent. LOVE IT!

  • Lorraine says:

    Breige – That’s what Cherry Sue said when I showed her my bottle. HMPF.

  • red*razors says:

    i insisted on having this as a christmas present 2 years ago. i actually thought the shower gel was terrible, it smelled of cheap soap. i LOVE the lotion though!! you know what lorraine, go for it if it makes you happy. i discovered bliss fab foaming shower gel last year and have been using it since, i initially feel terrible paying 35 quid for a fecking body wash but i can’t be parted from it. i make the bottle last months and months so it eases the pain my wallet feels but i kinda don’t care that much anymore :)

  • Reme says:

    Hi red*razors, I love that shower gel too. F.y.i. It’s often on sale for €24 @Debenhams (including right now!). Asos can also be good for discounted Bliss products but they’ve nothing tempting me at the moment…

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