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Blank Canvas Cosmetics contour brush: Kim Kardashian spends 90mins on makeup. How long do you spend?

By Aisling | October 16 2012 | 38 Comments


Now I wouldn’t say this was a bad Photoshop job AT ALL would you?

When I was sent this Blank Canvas Contour Brush to try the blurb contained some facts about KK and her makeup routine.

It takes 90 minutes! NINETY FRICKIN MINUTES.  Ah for the love of god what would you be doing for that length of time?  Now I know Kim K wears an incredible amount of makeup and the amount of highlighter and luminizer she goes through must be carted in by the truckload – but STILL.

Where would she be finding the time to make ten hour sex tapes with Kanye and er not doing much else.  So yeah I suppose she does have the time.

When I got over my shock at this revelation I had a closer look at the product.  Blank Canvas Cosmetics are a Cork based cosmetic company and their products are great!  When I went on their website (which is a bit hicky but don’t let that put you off) to have a goo, I was surprised at the range of brushes and eyeshadow palettes offered.  Now I haven’t tried the palettes (PR please send them to me so I can review!) but I love the small contour brush I was sent – the F14  it’s a small soft brush.

When I was finished I looked EXACTLY like Kim Kardashian. Of course.

But a great Irish brand – I want to see more of their products so we can give them a whirl.

However it made me wonder.  How long does it take you to do your makeup of a morning?  Choose from:

A  0-5 minutes

B  5-10 minutes

C  10-15 minutes

D  15-20 minutes

E  90 minutes DUH

If it helps I’m firmly in the A category.

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