Benefit Sunbeam Complexion Highlighter: First Look & Swatches

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benefit sunbeam

All ready to dismiss this I was, reckoning Benefit Sunbeam, €26.50, was just going to be a same-difference swap for Moonbeam, which is a yellow-toned version of the pinky-pearly Highbeam. But no, actually this June-launching luminiser is quite a different beast.

Benefit sunbeam

This is a liquid bronzer, as it happens.

benefit sunbeam without flash

Thickly layered and swatched without flash

benefit sunbeam swatch with flash

Thickly layered and swatched with flash

I’m a bit scared of it.  Where it’s not remotely easy to go wrong with Highbeam – it’s such a subtle product – you could very easily C3PO the feck out of yourself with this. It is really quite blingy. We’ve lots of time before it lands on counter for me to work my courage up and, y’know, try it on my face and that, but for now, lets just get acquainted with it by means of photos and swatches.

Me and it – well, I’m not sure about our relationship status yet. We’re gonna need some alone time, I think. Space and distance to get to know each other, then we can work up to some proper face time. It might not work out – but hey, maybe I’ll fall hard when I see it adorning my bony bits.

Is it making your cosmetic-crazed heart dizzy? Think it’ll make a nice accompaniment to your two weeks in the sun?  Dish in the comments!

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20 Replies to "Benefit Sunbeam Complexion Highlighter: First Look & Swatches"

  • Cheap&Cheerful says:

    Moon beam is gone!!!!!! OMG I loved that stuff!!!! Anyone know any good dupes??!!

  • Kirstie says:

    sorry! I appear to have reported its demise in an untimely fashion. I THOUGHT it was gone but it’s not – apols!

  • Its pretty but I just don’t know how I’d use it.Maybe when I see a tutorial or two I’ll get it. I’m more about matte products these days anyway though.

  • Its pretty but I just don’t know how I’d use it.Maybe when I see a tutorial or two I’ll get it. I’m more about matte products these days anyway though.

  • BerG says:

    Reckon its more of a summer item, to enhance any natural colour. Would imagine the bottle will last a long time.

    Love Highbeam, just broke open my second mini bottle that came free with Glamour magazine last year. That was a great giveaway, only sorry i did’nt buy a few more of them.

  • Aifs says:

    Bought this in the US at the end of January. It’s very pretty. I use the tiniest amount as a highlight along my cheek bones. I wore it last night with Hervana on my cheeks. It’s also fab with Coralista. It will definitely be coming with me on holidays.

  • Since I still have bottles of Moon Beam, High Beam and Posietint kicking about that I never, ever use, I think I’ll pass on this one.

  • Sabrina says:

    Ammm i think i like it, but for hols only i’d say.

  • Cheap&Cheerful says:

    Thanks Kirstie u nearly gave me a heart attack!!!!

  • Msmakeuplovex says:

    i have to say one of the nicest liquid high lighters ive ever used was hollywood glow by benefit,its also a very bronzed/gold liquid but the perfect highlighter for fake tan (or real!)

    not sure if they still do it as i bought mine 6 years ago in new york!but if this is the replacement id definitely buy it,not mad on any of their other highlighters (controversial i know!)

  • Laura says:

    The brand mememe do good dupes of high beam and moon beam!(It’s in Superdrug in the Omni) I have the high beam one and you can’t tell the difference when it’s on your face. (They look slightly different in the bottles) But for €6 you can’t go wrong.

  • Pinky says:

    Kirstie why don’t you start off slowly and mix into your foundation?

  • mademoiselle says:

    I have also a stash of highbeam, moonbeam, Hollywood Glow and posietint catching dust. I was just thinking of cracking out the Hollywood Glow again so I’ll pass on this.

  • Moonbeam is still being discontinued though, isn’t it? I thought it was a while stocks last kinda thing…I’ll be thrilled if they’re keeping it though as it’s my favourite Benefit product!

  • Ellie70 says:

    Benefit, afraid I just can’t stand that brand.

  • daneka says:

    I got the MAC Lustre drops in a summer collection in 2010 I think and it looks very similar to this! I mix it in with foundation and use it as a highlight and I love it so think I’ll deffo be investing in this!!

  • I dunno, knowing me and liquid highlighters, I’d end up looking like Tutankhamun, not a good look

  • PinkPanther says:

    Hollywood Glo was discontinued a few years ago. This looks like it could be a worhy replacement. Had my last bottle for years, not something I wore that often.

  • Hazie says:

    C3PO the feck out of yourself

    That made me laugh out loud to myself :D

  • Sara says:

    I’d say this would look gorgeous for a night out just along the collarbones, if youre not brave enough to slap it on your face :) Love Benefit highlighters!

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