Byte: Olympic Beauty From Max Factor False Lash Effect

By | March 6 2012 | 8 Comments

max factor false lash effect

The gen with this is that Max Factor has golden girl’d up False Lash Effect mascara, €14.99, which usually comes in a black tube, and signed up swimmer Kerri-Anne Payne to front it in Olympic-themed salvo ahead of London 2012. It’s won lots of awards; so has she – with more to come is the hope – but actually I found myself far more interested in the makeup she was wearing in the shot above (snapped by Rankin, apparently), than the gen on the mascara. Lets find out what it is, shall we?

  •  The shadow is Max Effect Mono eye shadow in Magic Nights – a dupe for Nars’ Night Flight if ever I did see one – and while you can’t see it in the pic, it has lots of blue sparkle and is verrry pretty
  •  The liner is the fairly new-to-the-brand Liquid Effect Pencil. These come in a few shades and they’re pretty decent. Not as emollient as Avon’s SuperShock, for example, but far less hard than a regular kohl, these are  easy to work with, draw nice lines, and set so they last.

Love it! Have you tried either product?

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8 Replies to " Byte: Olympic Beauty From Max Factor False Lash Effect"

  • Juniper says:

    if you look quickly it looks like the Duchess! I did however doubt that a royal would be allowed model!!

  • Kirstie says:

    wow! so it does – I hadddennn noddiced that but now that you mention it…

    except of course the shadow is actually blended.

  • Juniper says:

    Kirstie…hahaha!! so true though!!

  • OtherMary says:

    It looks like she has only one tooth. Cannot unsee!

  • Fiona says:

    I’ve tried False Lash Effect but it wasn’t for me, made my lashes too clumpy and unnatural looking. Which, I suppose, is what it’s supposed to do (the latter at least) but it’s not a look I like on me.

    However, Kerri Ann Payne looks FANTASTIC in that photo. Love the navy smokey eye on her. Karen Pickering was on QOS last week and she looked fabulous. These swimming ladies are super fit and healthy and it really shows in their skin.

  • Caitríona says:

    O my god, it does look like Kate Middleton! It’s the lips definitely.

    I love that eyeshadow, will probably buy it even though I have a ton like it!

  • Sabrina says:

    Wow, i love the eyeshadow.

  • Atkin says:

    She looks exactly like Kate! Must have a gander at these over the weekend. Do you think it would work for blue eyes?

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