Blather Wednesday

By Aisling | May 16 2012 | 65 Comments

Welcome to Wednesday – blather away!


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  • Helen Farrell says:

    Can anyone help…..Im on a mission to find a daily moisturiser for under 20 with a high SPF – anyone?

  • Miss Star says:

    Morning ladies, how are things?
    Am in a tizzy this morning. I bought a fab car last year which I absolutely love but the petrol is killing me so I want to buy something cheaper. The thing is when I bought it (from a dealer) it didn’t have a service book, they said the previous owner had lost it. It was checked over and I got a warranty and everything was fine so I bought it. Now that I want to sell however I’ve been reading about it and apparently a lot of people won’t buy without a book. I feel like such a dope. I really don’t think there is anything wrong with the car cos I’ve been driving it for over a year but will no one buy it now? Aaaaagh!

  • Miss Star says:

    Hey Helen, the Neutrogena multi defence (reviews here is factor 15 and less than a tenner but maybe you’re looking for something higher?

  • Araic says:

    Sorry I need somewhere to blow off some steam, I so fn mad. Found my fella had ben on skype chatting and video calling some b*tch. When I showed him a threatened to switch off his xBox he said nothing was more bothered about his game!

    I told him to go so he packed his things and left at 1am, coming backto look for his phone which I said I didn’t know where it was I did, he searched for it then said I could keep it.

    So tempted to put his sim in my phone…..

  • LauraLou says:

    hi all, had a lovely sleep last night, asleep by 10:30. This morning however, is a different story. Glued to my bed (what’s new?) Anyone watching “sex, lies and rinsing guys” last night??

  • CB says:

    Helen, I have a ROC factor 50 moisturiser. I find it great and it’s about €15 I think. It’s often on special offer though – it’s this one

  • Morning!

    Gosh its a lovely one today, lets hope it sticks around, I have a ton of washing to dry! Never mind the 6ft high pile of ironing…

    Miss Star: if you decide to sell, just tell the truth, you bought the car without the service book as the previous owner had lost it. Dig out any receipts you have for stuff you may have done to the car (replaced wiper blades, services, oil changes or tires replaced) and put them in a little folder, then at least you have proof of upkeep on the car. You can also see if you can’t get a replacement book for it, it won’t have the relevant info in it, but if you explain why it looks very new, it should be ok.

    Listening to the last Harry Dresden file for the last few days, but the usual narrator (James Marsters) couldn’t do this book, so its read by John Glover, and it feels wrong, but I am desperate to know what is going to happen, so I am pushing through…

    Thank crunchie its wednesday already. I am pooped!

  • Miss Star says:

    Oh thanks GWTSE, I didn’t know about replacement books. Unfortunately (or fortunately?!) I haven’t had to do anything to it at all so no receipts or anything but I think you’re right that honesty is the way to go. Will just put up an ad and say that I don’t have a history book but the person is welcome to get it checked over. Fingers crossed!

  • Morning all, lovely out there today! Went to see The Dictator yesterday with Sue and thought it was so funny/cringey. Everyone was hiding behind their hands at certain points going “oh no he di’int”! Thankfully Sue and I have same sense of humour and did some head shaking between the laughs, not for the easily offended, but very funny!

    Seeing sun outside makes me happy.

  • vonfluffy says:

    Happy Hump Day Everyone,
    Answer me this somebody, If everyone in the house is sick, how come its mummys job to look after everyone, sleepless nights, running around, Dealing with hormonal teens :( … id give my right arm for a sleep right now …

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