Blather: Wednesday

By Aisling | March 7 2012 | 75 Comments


Hurray it’s humpday!  What’s on the agenda for the hive mind today?


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  • Acat says:

    So tired! Not sleeping well despite being really good and not eating crap or staying up late. Will have long bath and early night tonight!
    But on the upside it is Wednesday :)

  • Lorrrrrraine says:

    Acat – Same! *Yawn*

    I’m just not in form of today, just wish it was Thursday. Did everyone watch that video on Kony? Hope it trends, it’s so clever. The video has me in tears.

  • Mandy (the nordic one) says:

    Morning ladies!

    Yeah, pretty wrecked myself today. Had my first ever gaelic football training session last night. Wasn’t sure if i’d go but I was really glad I did. Met a few lovely ladies and had a good workout too.

    Flying home tomorrow for the weekend. Can’t wait!

  • Fiona says:

    Morning ladies!

    I’ve just had the colour drain from my face. Major fuck-up, before 9 o’clock. I have left my make up at home. Nothing but lip balm in the handbag. Going to have to go COMPLETELY bare skinned today. Sick :(

  • Morning all, nice and Springy out there today innit?

    Fiona – I feel your pain! I did that a couple of months ago and had to apologise to everyone I met that day, state of moi! It was back in the day where I used to bring my make up bag to work and slap it on here, but instead of bringing my cute green leather make up bag I got in Spain, I brought my mam’s green shopping bag that folds up to look really like said make up bag. All I’d had in my handbag was my Lacura concealer pen from Aldi and I swear, I tried to colour my face in as best I could! My skin was in rag order then but it’s a lot better now and I’m probably jinxing it but I’d be ok going bare faced to work. Now, I need me some mascara no matter what. I almost came to work yesterday with mascara on one eye… I had done one eye, then Bailey the brat of a dog started barking out the back, I got up to get him, came back inside and went about my business. Thankfully I looked in the mirror before heading out the door and thought “hmm, I have one beady eye, what’s going on there”…

  • MilkyMoo says:

    Oh Fiona that’s awful, I feel your pain – been there, only recently in fact! I felt like I was going around with little piggy eyes all day, even considered driving to a nearby pharmacy to buy some mascara at least… But I survived and lived to tell the tale. :-)

  • Fiona says:

    Oh Karen, it’s the worst, sinking feeling! I used to do my makeup at home but my eyes are so sensitive the stuff would be halfway down my face by the time I got in, and it was causing eye infections.
    It’s my own eejit fault, decided to swap one item then forgot to put back in my bag.

    Hehe, one mascara-ed eye, bold Bailey! I’ve managed to forget to apply it once or twice but never gone the one-eye route. Thank goodness you noticed. You could’ve kicked off a new trend though!

    Aside – dogs and cosmetics, what is it with them? I think it’s the smell. The fella’s dog is always trying to get at my lip balm in the bag. Had it (Nuxe Reve de Miel) sitting on the sofa and caught her trying to lick away at it. Thankfully the lid was on. Another time she came into the bathroom while I was moisturising and licked the cream off my leg. EEEUGH.

  • Fiona says:

    Milkymoo – exactly! The piggy eyes! I did think of running around to the chemist, but I’d have to get SO much stuff (my brows need filling in, for example) it’d be crazy dear. Head down for the rest of the day. No meetings in the diary. Phew.

  • LauraLou says:

    Morning everyone!

    Fiona- nothign worse!

    I think tiredness is in the air, had to drag myself out of bed!

    Did i tell ya’s about my haul the other day? Went on a rampage in mac.. Got a carrier bag from the new collection, love it! :)

  • Mandy (the nordic one) says:

    Fiona, I know that makeup makes us feel better about how we look but I’m sure you don’t look bad without it. We are often our own worst critic. Give yourself a break. I’m sure you’re fabliss! :-)

  • Orla says:

    Morning all, I was in a major rush this morning, that I slapped on what I thought was some bb cream, but seems to have morphed into something horrible and orange when I take a look in the mirrors at work – hence me frantically scrubbing to try and tone down the look!

    Oh god, it’s going to be one of those days for all of us!! :)

  • Fiona says:

    Mandy – to quote my sister “You look fiiiine without make up. You just look better with it.”

    Orla, jaysus. Fake tan lying around?

  • coco says:

    ugh fiona i hear ye, and on top of the bar facedness it is lashing down here in london and ive no bloody bobbin so im a white ghost like figure with bushy hair!!!! grrrrr….

    lorrrrrraine cant wait to watch the video, might try sneak it in at work while the bosses are out :)

  • Fiona – Bailey’s gas, when I’m applying lip balm, he’s always very intrigued and sits on my lap right in my face to see what’s happening. I pretend to put some on him (I don’t heh) and have figured out that he doesn’t like the smell of Rosebud lip salve but does enjoy some Kiehl’s lip balm! Rosebud makes him dive into the cushions trying to get the smell out of his schnozz. I really do torment the brat!

    Can’t believe so many are having make up issues today, *off I go to check moi-self out in the mirror just in case*

  • coco says:

    mandy – wow good on ye :) cant beat the gaa for a bit of craic!!! hope it continues to go well!!!! :)

  • Orna says:

    @ Laura Lou – what did you get?? Himself surprised me with two tender tones last weekend and they came in a lovely shop cook box, was delighted!

  • LauraLou says:

    Orna- lovely! Was looking at them but decided against it! emmm I got 2 of the quads, a lipstick a lip liner and a creme blush.. then i went to Makeup forever and got a quad and aqua cream and a liner & i got the chanel bronzer and then bobbi brown corrector and concealer..

    Love the lipstick i got, its like neon pink, love it. And one of the quads, think its called shop and drop, its just absolutely gorgeous!!

    However, Im so broke now :)

  • Acat says:

    hehe Fiona, think it’s a mid week thing. I am also barefaced. Slapped on some BB cream and decided I wasn’t bothered with any other makeup so just ran out the door. Also didn’t brush hair, just threw some water in it. It’s curly so I can kind of get away with that. Not sure what I am wearing, technically it’s an outfit but could also be described as “what I found on the floor that was clean enough to wear”
    You are in good company :)
    Oh Lauralou – what did you get in Mac? I can never buy it anywhere but the airport, can’t justify the price!

  • Kirstie says:

    am so tired all the time these days I rarely wear makeup to work thus scaring colleagues, small children, junkies etc.

    however the new loreal bb was on my desk this AM so may nip to the loo and schlap a bit on in a while.

  • Juniper says:

    Laura Lou – you are sounding like me! wasn’t the wee bag soo cute!

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