Blather: Tuesday

By Aisling | December 4 2012 | 45 Comments

And with a light sprinkling of blather (and frost) we’re ready to chat – let’s go!


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  • Scarie says:

    Morning all . Struggling to get out of bed this morning. Hope ye all have a great day x

  • thefrog says:


    No snow this morning, so it looks like I’m wearing heavy boots for nothing. Better be safe than sorry anyway. Walking home yesterday was such a challenge that I did not feel like taking any risk today.

    Hope you all have a nice day!

  • LauraLou says:

    hi all! dragged myself out of bed. doped up on pain killers, fecking back is in bits!

    soooo funny, was minding my niece last night, and she started singing “dododododaaaa joeeeeeeeeeeeee duffffyyyyyy.. that was on nanas radio Laura.” soo funny, shes not yet 3 :)

  • LoCo says:

    Morning peeps,

    hope scarie and you all got to work safely the roads are full of black ice.

    The lurgy is lifting thank f3ck but I’ve been left with the most beautiful cough, kinda sounds like I have TB!

    3 days to OZ :)

    well having packed the rucksack on sunday I decided I do a little check last night see could I walk around with it on my back and could I go up and down a couple of steps.

    Well between the blood supply being cut off to my arms by the straps and thighs practically ending up in my ankles through  pressure and practically giving myself a hernia taking it on/off I decided to repack the whole thing into a wheelie suitcase. So I’m bringing a wheelie case!!!

  • Laura says:

    Morning all! Ive great news,Got engaged at the weekend!! Total suprise,Got the ring an all! Havent told my friends yet as want to meet & tell them in person,bursting to tell everyone:) have a great day all xx

  • mummypupper says:

    Congratulations Laura,what wonderful news!!What’s the ring like???Enjoy telling everyone and enjoy this special time!!

  • says:

    Morning ladies…

    Congrats Laura thats great news :) eeepppp it will be an extra special christmas!!!

    LoCo u made the best decision with the suitcase, never again would i bring a backpack, they are horrendous!!

    Hope the painkillers fix u up lauralouuuu!

    Scarie GET UP!!!! :) & thefrog I’d like some snow over here please in 3 weeks time :)

  • LoCo says:

    Congratulations Laura,that’s fantastic news! It’ll be a very exciting Christmas telling everyone. What’s the ring like?

    Lauralau- have you ever tried those heat patch things. My sister finds they give her some relieve.

    Có – seriously thought I really thought I was going to give myself a hernia. Things fitting better in suitcase, and it’s expandable you know in case I buy some goodies while I’m there. :)

  • Orla says:

    Morning all. Am awake since 6 and was a happy bunny up ’till about now (hangover setting in) considering I only got home from the pub at 4am with boyfriend and his friend in tow. Oh my god, it’s trying to herd chickens so it is, trying to get those two on and off busses.. I don’t know how they manage when they’re on their own!! Twas a good ‘auld night though!

  • witchgirl26 says:

    Congratulations Laura!

    LoCo – smart plan on the bag. Don’t think I could ever really do “back-packing”.

    LauraLoo – agree on the heat pads or those warmers you heat in the microwave. The heat helps.

    I’m so tired today. Was a little late to work as had to wait for my jumper in the tumble dryer. But am making up for it by getting straight stuck into things!

  • AnneMarie says:

    Congratulations Laura!! Enjoy all the planning.

  • thefrog says:

    The phone ate my comment.

    Congrats Laura!

    LoCo, I laughed imagining you with your bag and then laughed a bit less thinking I would have been quite capable of doing the same thing. You’re better off with the suitcase!

    Freezing in my office, and I’ve run out of milk so I’m drinking herbal tea which does not do a good job at keeping me awake!

  • *Aisling* says:

    Morning all – and congrats Laura!

  • Orla says:

    I’m not awake this morning.. Congrats Laura!!

  • Rosamaria says:

    Congratulations Laura

  • Beth TV says:

    Hey all, lovely sunny day here :)

    Laura, congratulations to you! :D

    Frog, there is loads of milk in my carton in work; you help yourself to it and don’t be afraid to ask :)

    Lauralou, another vote for heatpads here. They help my back a lot and it’s a nice gentle heat as well. Something else I find helps with the heat is if you lash on some wintergreen lotion (It’s like Deep Heat only nicer smelling; most chemists have it so just ask at the counter) and athlete skinwear or old fashioned thermals; a black of heat sent from above :)

    LOL Loco :D

  • JoanieBubbles says:

    Morning all. Posting from my sick bed. Seem to have a bit of a tummy bug. Delightful. Feeling v rough.

    Congrats Laura, that’s lovely news

  • Ooh congrats Laura, how exciting!

  • Morning ladies!

    Congrats Laura!

    I will never understand why the gritting truck doesn’t go past the school in the morning. The amount of sliding cars, near accidents and not-so-comically slipping parents and kids trying to get to school isn’t funny anymore. The footpath is feckin treacherous.

    Anyways. I am back!!!

    I missed you all. But I loved the time that I spent with my mom.

    How is everyone? Keeping warm?

  • Orla says:

    GWTSE – welcome back, hope you had a really lovely time with your mam! When I was in school our teachers used go out each morning with those bottles of table salt and shake it everywhere because the council never bothered with grit! Twas great fun!

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