Blather: Tuesday

By Aisling | April 10 2012 | 66 Comments

Tuesday is the new Monday – blather on!


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  • Orla says:

    Kate that’s awful!! :( You poor thing!

  • Fifibelle says:

    Kate – thats horrendous!!!Did you go to the guards about it?You poor thing!

    Lyonsie – last time I was in Athlone, I went to Peter Mark in the Golden Island, twas lovely

  • Twinkletoes says:

    Kate that’s terrible, you poor thing. Haven’t heard of that robbing technique before :(

    Bought my first Deborah Lippman nail polish at the weekend and now I want them all! I have Candy Shop on my nails since Saturday night and have had so many compliments since.

  • Hazie says:

    Kate, i hope you contacted the Gardai, the horrible little creep! :(

  • Kate says:

    Fifibelle – yeah i did and nothing they could do. Just told me to lock the phone via icloud and get o2 to freeze my contract.

    What was interesting though was the guards said they had had multiple reports of iphones being taken from girls handbags that night from that club….team of those scumbags working the room i’d say. So put me off going out again in Dublin/chatting to a guy.

  • Morning Girls!

    Kate: that Fecker!

    Last week of school holidays. Hope it warms up a bit more. Took the training wheels of TLF’s bike on Friday night and took him for a few spins (with me running like a loon behind him holding the seat), then on Saturday morning he just took off and did it himself. Beyond Proud of my little dude.

    Hope everybody had a fab Easter. We had friends around and it was great, quiet, but good.

    While the sun is out I have washing on the line… will see how long the sun lasts :)

  • Orla says:

    Kate – just a thought, but if there were a number of phones nicked, maybe there was a team going around looking for girls who were otherwise engaged?

  • lyonsie says:

    Thanks Fifibelle, I’ll book them now

  • Kitty In The City says:

    Morning all. Had a great weekend in Berlin, though as it was Easter the shops were closed except for Sat, so missed out on a bit of retail therapy. Managed to buy 2 lovely skirts at a flea market (new) but hell knows if we’ll ever have the weather to wear them.

  • Kate says:

    Orla- I thought that too originally but over the past day or so i’ve had this niggling gut instinct feeling that it had something to do with him, especially with his reaction when he saw the phone. Either way there are some awful people out there

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