Ah Jaysis Mick Wallis, Ming! The bleeding state of you. This house calls for style rules to be implemented in the Dail IMMEDIATELY

By Aisling | November 27 2012 | 23 Comments

Beeb de beeb beeb beeb

Taking a break from our happy Christmas scheduling we must interrupt this program to TALK ABOUT MICK WALLACE.  Again!

We’ve already offered de-frizzing solutions for the manky mop that adorns his head – but he’s ignored them.  Never mind, we will persevere.

No one is going to argue that the state of the nation is perhaps consumed with matters of graver importance at the moment.  Another austerity budget is on the way and the whole tragic Savita case has been so dreadfully mishandled by the government that one more bad judgement call could bring them down.

So that’s why Miriam Lord’s column in the Irish Times last week had me in stitches – God how we needed that light relief.   Speaking of the sartorial style (or lack of it) with regards to Mick Wallace and Ming Flanagan, Miriam cut straight to the chase and left no room for dissent.  Even the backbenchers ALL seemed to be in agreement with this one.

Ming wore a bright orange gansy to the highest chamber of office ALL WEEK (rumour flew that he had to be surgically cut out of it by the fire brigade at the weekend) but it was Mr Wallace who”really took the biscuit”.  Wearing “some class of an aul blouse”, open to the er navel (PUKE) to reveal an unwelcome sight of curly grey chest hair, no one knew where to look.

“It’s a man’s right to choose” Miriam overheard a TD say “but I still don’t agree with it”.

And neither do I!  Imagine Sarkozy putting up with that shit?  In the French government if they’re not on the treadmill every day and suited and booted to impeccable standards, professional and groomed, showing  pride in their nation, they’re out.

So why are we putting up with this?  Is it actually okay for our TDs to turn up for work like this? Or is it the ultimate disrespect?  Have your say!

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23 Replies to "Ah Jaysis Mick Wallis, Ming! The bleeding state of you. This house calls for style rules to be implemented in the Dail IMMEDIATELY"

  • Belle says:

    I think it is disrespectful. If I go to a conference representing where I work then I make sure I am dressed smartly and neatly as I am aware that I am not there on personal business and therefore need to make a good impression and put forward the best face for the company that I can.

    Mick Wallace et al are supposed to be representing this country and with that comes responsibility to dress appropriately – especially given the presence of cameras, newspaper articles and television crews.

    If the vast majority of the country who work in business or law or consulting and so on can dress appropriately why do those who represent the business and law of our country not do the same.

    I think they need to bring in a professional dress code, end of! It drives me crazy to see them get away with this for so long.

  • atkin says:

    I agree, it is completely disrespectful. I don’t go to work in my PJs!

  • I don’t particularly believe in dress codes. I don’t think that how you dress indicates how well you’re going to do a job. I worked in newspapers most of my adult life and generally the dress code was ‘clean’! I was always neat, of course, and showered with my hair brushed, but I wore jeans, some days I wouldn’t wear make-up, that kind of thing. And I don’t think it affected how I worked. That said, on days that I would attend an event where say the President was speaking, I of course wore a suit or something.

    So I think balance is key. Personally I think our TDs need to be clean and neat looking, their clothes, whatever they may be, need to be ironed. And I don’t see a lot of that with Mick Wallace. He has permanent stubble which is just scruffy, his hair is ratty and his clothes are crumpled and simply don’t look fresh. So he needs to clean himself up a bit. Jeans with a clean pressed shirt, clean shaven and with brushed hair – that’d be enough for me.

    I will say, during his trial for tax issues, Wallace appeared in court wearing the same filthy jeans and pink t-shirt for a couple of days in a row which I thought was just the height of arrogance.

  • Sooz says:

    I’m usually ‘each to their own’ and dont mind what people wear once it is clean but i think their look borders on disrespectful to the role they are in?

    You can still be individual and presentable.

  • Unfortunately, we do judge people according to the way they dress (consciously or not). And TDs are supposed to be representing us, and governing us as well.
    dressing yourself in a cartoon teeshirt is all good and fun on casual fridays in the office, but most definitely not when you are a government official. If you are in an important position, then you need to dress apropriately: keep at least a sense of decorum.
    In the Assemblee Nationale (the French Dail), it is the rule that men TDs have to wear a tie (or at least it was up until a couple of years ago, not sure it is still applicable so don’t quote me on this), and they have to look the part: if you are representing The People then you need to show respect to them in the way you dress.
    Short story, when I see TDs dressed like Ming, it makes me think that they simply don’t give a shit.

  • Makeup glitz says:

    I find Wallace and Ming hillarious !!! The people wearing the suits put us into the mess were in in the first place. To be honest Ming defo nos how to speak and make a point, his orange tshirt didn’t make him any less capable to do his job !!! Granted Wallace could do with a good wash but then so could a lot of ppl in the general workforce. They shouldn’t judge a book by its tshirt !!

  • Mairead says:

    I dont think they are trying to be disrespectful. I think that they are genuinely trying to break the psychological barrier that exists between the “common person” and the ” Respectable,well dressed TD”.

    The majority of our representatives have lost touch with reality and WHO they are actually supposed to be serving. Im not a big fan of either Ming or Mick but it is nice to see that “one of us” in the Dail too!

    I think these guys are idealistic which is a nice change from the usual beaten down, cynical- “my hands are tied” attitude that the well dressed TD’s show us so frequently.

    If everyone in the Dail put as much effort into their work as they did into how they appeared, Ireland would be a better place.

    Suits and clean shaven faces dont fool me! its is WHAT YOU DO that really matters.

  • thefrog says:

    I agree that judging him on his looks sort of validates the fact that women politicians will also be judged on their looks.

    You mention France. When sarkozy was president, all ministers had to present a lean, stylish look, to fit with the president’s image. While I agree that they at least have to look professional, I don’t care wether they are overweight or not. Newspapers had articles on what kind of diets they were following, as if it were an important topic. The one female minister who couldn’t care less about her looks (Bachelot) was the topic of countless jokes on how she looked.
    And a few months ago, a minister got whistled at in the Assemblée for wearing a dress.
    Just because Wallace is a man, it does not make it ok to laugh at his hair or his looks.

    On the other hand, yes the Dáil could at least impose a ‘suit’ rule for TDs. But you need a sensible one. Quick anecdote from ‘stylish’ France: When Alliot Marie was minister for defence, she started wearing trouser suits (as opposed to the skirt ones he had in her previous posts). The rules in the Assemblée are pretty old and they say that a woman cannot wear trousers in the Assemblée. One of the hushers told her that she wasn’t allowed to wear trousers as she was making her way to the main room. She looked at him and told him “what do you want me to do? Take them off?”. Poor man….

  • littlesis says:

    This is a complex one, on the one hand, I tend to agree that showing up looking a bit dishevelled is disrespectful to the important post that Ming and Mick hold. However, I don’t think it means they ‘don’t give a shit’.

    And I’m with Una Mullally, if we keep commenting on men’s dress, we can’t complain about men doing the same to us.

  • Belle says:

    Sorry Mariead, I don’t agree at all that they are trying to break the barrier with the ‘common person’. I am a common person as is everyone I know and we still get up in the morning, shower, wash hair, brush it and put on clean well fitted clothes that suit us and then tailor these based on whether it is a business or a social or a personal occasion. To me this is what the common person does.

    This also should not be linked to their attitude or how much work they do – this can only be the case if you believe that if Ming/Mick Wallace showed up in a suit or at least clean slacks and shirt that they would automatically change their political agendas, attitudes and the work that they do. I don’t believe this would be the case.

    Again, these people represent us in government and on an international stage. I don’t believe that taking the time to dress appropriately will impact on how well you do the job.

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