3 New BB Creams from Mac, Vichy & Dior to Keep an Eye Out For Abroad

By Beaut.ie | February 21 2012 | 14 Comments

bb creams from Mac, Vichy and Dior

The one ace base product I’m reaching for all the time recently is BB Cream. I’m mad for ‘em and browsing constantly for the gen on new ones to try. Here are three that have caught my news-nose of late.

1. Mac Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF 35

This is causing a lot of excitement in the blogosphere and of course a lot of that is because it’s from Mac. One shade is all that’s available which is a bit of a downer if you’re not a good match, but if you’re pale you’re quids in – this is light in tone. I haven’t had a chance to really trial the one I’ve bought yet, so will report when I have, but the high SPF and reasonable price – mine was £17.85/€22.13 – make it an affordable buy. Because it’s included in Mac’s primer category, this is intended mainly as a first step product and one you’d apply foundation over. Me? I’ll be using it solo.

I want it now! Sorry sunshine, the Mac BB is a travel retail product only at present. I tried to buy in Dublin T2 en route to the UK on Friday and was told they were out of stock. “But,” the assistant said helpfully, “the Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancers are the same.” I wasn’t too sold on that so declined, and as I was off to a Mac event, checked with the PR. No, she said, they’re not really. They share similar ingredients but the Fortified Skin Enhancers have no SPF for example. En route home via Heathrow, I bagged myself a BB and asked the question again. “Absolutely not,” replied the assistant firmly. There you go – if you want the pure Mac Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF 35 experience, you’ll have to fly somewhere to get it.

2. Vichy Neovadiol Lumiere

In Asia, Vichy has a BB called Aera Mineral BB Cream and in Europe the brand has just launched Neovadiol Lumiere. There’s no BB on the label, but rest assured, it’s the brand’s take on blemish balms for this market.  While there are no firm plans to launch it into Ireland yet, I have to say I think it’d do well. This is specifically targeted for mature skins and boasts some claims we haven’t see with others yet, like re-densifying, re-defining facial contours, nourishing, smoothing, unifying the complexion and enhancing radiance.

But I want it now! Your wish is our command, etc – buy online from Farmaline.co.uk for €23.85

3. Diorsnow BB Creme

UVA and UVB filters with 50+ protection, new generation colour-correcting pigments and “iron oxide and titanium dioxide pigments deliver lightweight coverage that visibly fades spots and imperfections, and creates the illusion of ideally smooth skin in an instant” are the boasts of Diorsnow UV Shield BB Cream SPF50.

I want it now! Sure thing – this is a Selfridges exclusive in the UK where it will cost £36.50. It’s not yet on the site but the store do mail order to Ireland; call 0044 113 369 8040 to find out more on that.

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14 Replies to "3 New BB Creams from Mac, Vichy & Dior to Keep an Eye Out For Abroad"

  • LuLuBabe says:

    The Diorsnow sounds fantastic with SPF 50. Must try and get my mitts on that somehow. Don’t the makers of these bb creams realize that the Irish market would gobble up these products? I know we’re a tiny market but we’re as big as Manchester or Birmingham and how hard can dist be? Gah…

  • Kirstie says:

    Lulubabe – but would we? One comment! Maybe they’re right not to launch them,eh?

  • I’m afraid of ‘em since my Garnier BB experience. Just sampling it ruined my skin for a fortnight.

    Saying that Vichy have yet to put a foot wrong in my books so maybe their formulation would be fizzog friendly.

  • Hazie says:

    I’d be afraid of falling in love with a product like this and then having to wait for my holliers til I could buy it again!
    I am really liking my Garnier one, thanks to Beaut.ie. :D

  • LuLuBabe says:

    You have a point, Kirstie! Maybe it’s my age group but I’m hearing a lot of enthusiasm among my 35+ friends for these BB creams. Can’t get away with bare skin but dont want to wear foundation every day, and with added high SPF what’s not to love?

  • Alex Donald says:

    The Dior one sounds amazing. I love anything that multitasks with that kind of an SPF. Sounds like it would successfully take the place of my La Roche Posay Factor 50 in the summer.

  • Peppermint Patty says:

    I love the idea of BB creams but my oily skin can’t handle all that moisturising goodness! Has anyone tried one that’s suitable for oily skin?

  • Alits says:

    Dior sounds like the one for me, can’t wait to try it, will keep you posted

  • Maj says:

    A girl on testy broader told me dior are launching a bb cream here? Will it be the same one?

  • Kirstie says:

    Maj – well, they didn’t say and the press office gave me the info so you think they might have mentioned it!

  • Kitty In The City says:

    Was sure I had read somewhere that Marks & Spencers did a BB cream. had a good look last week and couldn’t see one. Must go check the website.

  • Melly says:

    Hi guys,

    Could anyone tell me where I could buy the Garnier BB cream in Dublin – I’ve tried a few Boots and other chemists but – no go!
    It really suits my skin and am dying to get my hands on it.

  • I love BB creams we reviewed a skin79 BB cream were really impressed! Can’t wait to try these ones!!

  • Therese says:

    I get Missha BB cream on eBay and it’s awesome! It looks like it’ll be thick and heavy but once it’s on you can’t feel it at all. It has a really high SPF, medium coverage and suitable for paleys like me. Highly recommended!

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