Winter Skin Savers: Add a Drop of Facial Oil to Your Foundation

By | December 5 2011 | 24 Comments

using facial oil in foundation

This is a bit of a game changer for those with dry skin, but it’s one several people have mentioned to me, most recently a Mac artist in relation to Matchmaster foundation, which I commented to her I felt wasn’t at all suitable for my skin because it was just too drying and clung to all those flaky bits. “Add a little facial oil,” she said knowingly, recommending Mac’s Care Blends oils. “You’ll really see a difference.”

It’s a tip I’ve heard several times before – I know a couple of people who add a drop of Trilogy Rosehip into their foundation before they apply – and while it may not work with all bases (those heavily formulated with silicone for example may not behave brilliantly) it’s certainly worth a go if you’re suddenly finding that your skin and your foundation are refusing to play ball.

The oil adds a bit of extra emollient-y goodness and glide not to mention the nourishment and hydrating properties of the particular oil you’ve picked.  It could be anything – a basic argan, a rosehip or a blend like one of Clarins’ offerings. You don’t need much either – a small drop will do, mix in on the back of your hand and away you go. Apply with fingers or a brush: it’s up to you.

There’s no need to adjust the rest of your routine either, you’d do your regular cleanse, tone (if you do) and serum/ moisturiser shenanigans and then apply makeup as normal.

Will you give it a whizz now that it’s suddenly Baltic outside?

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24 Replies to "Winter Skin Savers: Add a Drop of Facial Oil to Your Foundation"

  • That’s a brilliant idea, must give that a go, our poor skins need all the help they can get, especially now it’s starting to get chilly on the willy.

  • Kirstie says:

    my skin is in smidereeneey. Have had a cold for about a week too which is not helping matters at all, nose is like a shredded lump of mince.

  • Fiona says:

    By complete coincidence I did just that this morning, adding a few drops of Clarins blue orchid oil to Garnier BB cream (which I find a bit drying on my face). So far, so good!

  • sweetie1 says:

    Great idea, will definately be trying now that the weather is freezing – this hot to cold to hot to cold will only play havoc over the next few wks!

  • Acat says:

    Great will try this as well. Putting the trilogy oil o my skin in the morning makes it a bit oily. Never any warm water to help it soak in either. Might be good mixed with my foundation! Face hurt in the wind this morning, might invest in a balaclava!

  • Aisling Aisling says:

    I think I’ll definitely give this a go. Am trying out a skincare range at the moment which I think will have brilliant results but it’s based on glycolics and drying the hell out of my skin at the moment. So the oil in foundation trick sounds ace!

  • Becky Bk says:

    Aisling what is the name of that skincare range….i was told to get glycolic stuff as in with a high % of glycolic?

  • Aisling Aisling says:

    Beckybk – it’s a Neostrata range and I’ll do a review on it as soon as another week or so goes by – I want to give it a good test run! But you can’t beat any of the glycolic products made by Neostrata, they’re incredible

    Have a look at the Neostrata archive for more

  • Aoife says:

    I started doing this a few weeks ago using Trilogy and Revon Age Defying foundation after seeing another poster recommend it, my skin is in great condition and I prefer the finish to using the foundation neat.

  • Becky Bk says:

    thanks aisling will check that out! i think i read the post but being featherheaded like me!

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