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The end of innocence: I stopped believing in Santa when…

By Aisling | December 21 2011 | 60 Comments

This topic was trending on Twitter last night and it’s a topic we’ve all got a story about.  The most common reasons for the stoppage of Santa belief were as follows:

  • “When I noticed that Santa had the same wrapping paper as my mother”
  • “When I found the presents from  Santa in my mothers wardrobe”
  • “When I noticed that Santa and my mother had the same writing
  • “When my parents were out very late on Christmas Eve and I caught them drunkenly putting the Santa presents under the tree at 4am”
  • “When I found the carrots put out for Rudolph in the bin on Christmas morning”
  • “When my older brother/friend told me”

The last one is particularly bad I think.  The belief in Santa by children is preserved by adults as far as possible – it would be unthinkable to shatter a child’s innocent belief in the magic of Santa.  But an older sibling in a temper is perfectly capable of destroying one of the cornerstones of childhood in mere seconds.

I was a sad case.  I believed in Santa til I was about nine.  Nine!  God what an innocent child I was.  And then I obviously pretended to believe in him for many more years – for every child knows that the belief in Santa means ca -ching.

It was school that copped me on finally.  I was cruelly told by a bully girl that “there’s no Santa you big baby it’s yer mam and dad!”

What about you?  When did you stop believing in Santa?

And NO ONE is to say “When I read this post”

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