The C Word – yay or nay?

By Aisling | May 24 2011 | 88 Comments

I’m not sitting on the fence – I HATE the C word.

I cringe when others say it and I don’t think I’ve ever actually used it.  Now this isn’t because I is a laydee or anything like that.  I curse like a trooper to be honest and sometimes every second word out of my mouth seems to be a stronger version of feck.  The only person I didn’t mind saying the C word was Twenty Major (where IS he, why won’t he come back, we miss him so).

Is it the last bastion of curses do you think – one which simply goes too far for you?  Or is it okay, you don’t use it all the time, but when you want to make your point you will goddamn say it?

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88 Replies to "The C Word – yay or nay?"

  • allie12 says:

    Oops first to comment…..I don’t like the word so therefore would not use it. However being origionally from the West of the country, it is a word that is widely used by men there- so much so my fiance thinks it is hilarious when we go down as every one and everything is a little C***!!

  • Acat says:

    I must say I love this word. It wasn’t a big thing when I was growing up and I would often hear adults using it. A shower of c*** is farmiliar phrase! Only when I came to Dublin did I see how much people hated it! I would never use it as a insult to someone but yeah, sometimes some people are just it, nothing more can be said!
    I don’t use it in front of people I don’t know cause some people do find it very offensive. I will use it in front of friends, esp if they freak. The reactions are priceless!
    I don’t see it as degrading to women, no more than calling someone a gee-bag. Or a d*** for a fellow.

  • speccy says:

    I’m like you Aisling, stronger versions of feck are no problem at all (though I do limit my language when the kiddies are about!) but I have real problems with the C word. Just yesterday we were discussing ‘The Slap’ on the blather and many had problems with what we saw as the overuse of this word.

  • Clueless says:

    it is a word which i hate and i think it is a very strong word but i find myself using it on the rare occasion when i just cant find a word strong enough to describe someone who is being absolutely awful!

  • littlesis says:

    I am totally immune to curse words. I think if you grow up around people who use them, they become redundant and have no meaning. therefore, I do use it and otherwords and then I am surprised when people are taken aback! The Slap is shocking, really liked the book and knew people who couldn’t read it because of the language.

  • alchemystee says:

    Deeeeetest it. And over use of vulgar language in general.

    And at the risk of sounding old fashioned, it’s a hundred times worse when a woman says it… I cringe inside

  • Karen says:

    I’m awful, because I love all curse words. Obviously I don’t curse in front of children, but sometimes, cursing is the only thing that works!

    If someone is a c**t then they’re a c**t and no amount of polite language will disguise it!

    Naturally I don’t greet peopel with ‘well hello you almighty c**t’ but I do use it quite frequently.

    Ge*bag is another favourite of mine. I also love male oriented curse words like ‘pri*k’ and ‘di*k’ so I’m not all about the mysogony!

  • BerG says:

    I hate this word also, physicaly cringe when i hear it. Its the worst of the worst. Have never used it and never intend to.

  • Babs says:

    Speccy – I remember reading The Slap in the bath one night and I had to get out to text my sister (who had given me the book) to ask is it used (the c word) through out the whole book! Loved the book but the c word was over used I thought.
    I have a hate relationship with the c word, I never really use it apart from once I can remember when this girl who had been in my circle of friends went mental one night and turned on us all (verbally) calling us all sorts and I stood up and called her “nothing but a C”. The girls were more shocked over me saying C than what the other mad one was on at. Needless to say she is NOT in the circle anymore.
    I use “prick” to describe males only and again not very often. If you hear C or P out of me you know I am really pee’d off :)
    I say worse than feck sometimes, mostly feck, piss, that’s mainly it I think. I used to have a mouth like a sewer but had to reel it in in a wild fashion when I started to work as a Nanny!!! Two year olds saying fuck is not cute, or saying anything really apart from pee, wee, pee-pee (for willy), and my personal favorite one little one calling her front bum her Jenny Jyna :)

  • Boo says:

    Omg I hate this word with a passion I can’t even bring myself to say it !!! N shiver wen other ppl do !!!

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