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St Tropez Naturals: Fake Tan for Sensitive Skins

By | April 18 2011 | 6 Comments

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Lynnie rolled out a review of an existing St Tropez product last week and found that in the case of the brand’s Self Tanning Mousse, the oldies are still the goodies.

We’re hearing all the time now that sales of fake tans with developing time are dropping like mad and if we’re not embracing skin finishing then all we’re really doing is lashing on a product that provides some wash-off colour, enough for a night out and no more. Regardless, no brand sits on its laurels for long and St Tropez, a market leader amongst tan fans, has just launched Naturals.

Neatly tapping the desire to be more eco-conscious as well as addressing the strong need for products that sensitive skins can use, the three-strong range uses an Ecocert approved DHA-derived tanning agent, Vegetan. The brand claims that means there won’t be a stink but I’d be a bit sceptical about that: where there’s DHA there’s a smell – the reaction of the chemical on the skin is necessary to cause the colour to develop, and that goes hand-in-hand with the digestive stench.

Subtle colour, skin-kind ingredients like avocado butter, pomegranate, babassu, mango and grapeseed oils mean skin is treated as well as tanned.  Independent tests were conducted and the products were proven to be “statistically less irritant than the positive control” – basically this means they tested the range against a normal tanner and found it to be less tetchy-causing than yer average sunless tanner, which sensitive types can often find they can’t use.  Of course, if you do find you’ve reacted in the past, then do a patch test to be sure to be sure.

So, what’s what in the Naturals lineup then? St.Tropez Naturals Radiance Self Tan for Face, €27.95, is specifically designed for your phizog and is joined by the lightweight Self Tan Milk, €34.95, and thicker Self Tan Lotion, also €34.95, both of which are for body.

Natural cred, skin-kind ingredients, a light colour result and nourishing properties: it’s appealing on paper anyway. Does St Tropez Naturals sound like it’ll float your bronzing boat for summer 2011?


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