New Round Brushes from Shu Uemura Art of Hair

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Hairbrushes: a scantily-discussed item on

And now here are some that’ll cost you the equivalent of a nice lunch out, so of course they’ll be from Shu Uemura. If you’re a fan of volume or you’re adept at the hard-to-master at-home blowdry (I just don’t bother, can’t get it right at all), then you’ll know barrel brushes are the tool you need to get to grips with if you want to get smooth volume.

I have the paddle brush the brand does and it’s absolutely excellent. As well it might be, at about €50, but it’s been going strong now for a couple of years, isn’t showing any wear or tear and doesn’t stress my fine, prone-to-frizz locks. That’s enough plus points for me to reckon the two new tools to the lineup might well be worth a punt.

The inventively-named round brush and – wait for it – small round brush can be yours now for €31.50 and €26 respectively.  Handles are kotibe wood (a tropical hardwood) with boar bristles in a large quantity. That apparently allows hair to be “groomed gently without damaging the hair creating a beautifully silky and smooth finish.”

Whaddya reckon? Is this the sort of cash you’re likely to drop on a hairbrush or will you be sticking with your cheapy offering from Boots, thanks very much?

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6 Replies to "New Round Brushes from Shu Uemura Art of Hair"

  • Snowdrop says:

    These are pricey but I have to say it is worth investing in a good set of brushes from the word go! I have a vidal sassoon set that I got when I was 11 for christmas……….still going strong 10 years on! :D

  • Cloyneac says:

    Well, B.K.(before kids!)i might have but with no job and busy with kids, if hair combed or brushed do pretty well!!!

  • Aisling Aphrodite says:

    I have the paddle brush too and it’s great. Rarely brush my hair though, it just makes it go crazy

  • the mirror says:

    Hellyes. I mean if we’re willing to spend similar figures on MAC duo-fiber brushes and oversized kabukis,it’d be stupid not to invest. Also it makes a massive difference- those cheap-ass plastic brushes will literally shred your hair and rip it out in bulk..

  • Freckles says:

    Prices seem so expensive, but if I am willing to spent lots of money on hair care products – and let’s face it, I’ve spent OUTRAGEOUS amounts on shampoo etc in the past, then I might as well spent the money on products that will last longer than a few weeks. Just wish I could afford to buy one of the brushes now. :(

  • Sarah says:

    I go to salon services to get hairbrushes, find that theyre better value for a better quality brush than boots! Got an excellent big barrel brush for 9 euro, it’s ceramic and all that jazz :) Now if I could actually use it it’d be great, bring on the cast removal!

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