Lush Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser Review

By Lynnie | October 20 2011 | 21 Comments

Lush angels on bare skin

Historically, Lush is a brand that I’ve never gotten on with particularly well.

Their peanut butter fragranced Ultra Bland cleanser made me gag and was rubbish at removing make-up, their Tiny Hands serum creeped me right out, and I cross the street to avoid passing within breathing distance of one of their stores because the overpowering smell that emanates from them induces immediate headaches and nausea. (Himself has often complained about their open door policy, which allows the maximum trademark Lush store scent to crash out into the street and cruelly assault the noses of innocent passers-by.)

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been giving Lush a second chance and testing some of their new and new-to-me products. Himself is unimpressed (“The whole place stinks!”) and while I’m not still sold on the reformulated Ultra Bland, which contains almond instead of the offensive peanut oil, I’m cautiously optimistic about another of their cleansers.

lush angels on bare skin

Angels On Bare Skin, €7.90 for 100g, is a putty coloured semi-solid cleanser that’s formulated to gently rebalance combination skin types. It’s based on kaolin clay, commonly found in face masks where it acts to sop up excess oil, to deep cleanse, and contains ground almonds to gently remove dead, flaking skin, along with rose absolute, chamomile, and lavender to soothe, reduce redness, and rebalance.

I’ve been using it for about a week now in the mornings and in the evenings if I’ve not been wearing make-up and I’m surprised – nay, shocked – by how much I like it. To use, I wet my face, pinch off a small amount of cleanser (about the size of two peas), mix it with a little water in the palm of my hand to form a paste, massage onto my damp skin and then rinse it off. It’s not rocket science but it is kind of messy; I’ve been using it in the shower or over the sink to catch the bits that seem to inevitably drop off during the cleansing process (I tend to potter around when massaging in other, less bitty cleansers… Is that very odd?)

My skin had been feeling very tight and flaking with the change in the weather while still being congested along my t-zone, but Angels On Bare Skin has actually helped relieve some of that dryness and gotten rid of visible flakes without irritation. My chin and forehead are looking less spotty and red, and when I looked in the mirror this morning I thought that the pores where blackheads usually reside (gross, sorry) looked considerably more empty than usual.

Well played, Lush. Well played.

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21 Replies to "Lush Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser Review"

  • RiRi says:

    Nice review Lynnie, I can only use this cleanser in winters as it feels a bit greasy in summers for my combination skin. OMG, it’s messy have to scrub clean the sink everytime I use it.
    The girl at Lush told me that it can be used as face mask+scrub. Just put it on damp skin and let it dry then scrub it off with water, works well.

  • Brass Neck says:

    This is definitely the product that converted me from “Uuurgh, stinky shop” to a Lush fan. I’d never have tried it had a friend not bought me a present. But it’s great stuff altogether, I don’t think I’ve ever found a cleanser that so radically improves the appearance of your skin.

    The stink is a bit much but of course the individual products themselves are usually lovely. Buy one thing at a time, is my advice. Pop in and get a copy of their magazine and you can work out in your own (stink-free) time which stuff appeals to you.

  • Claireyfairy says:

    Oh this sounds amazing Lynnie! Exactly what I need! Can I ask what toner (if any) and moisturiser do you use?

  • Maj says:

    I absolutely love lush. I adore the smell and everything looks so pretty. Too often i go in for one bubble bath/bath bomb only to come out 50 euro lighter :(

    My 5 year old daughter also goes nuts for their sparkly bath stuff, she loves the ‘fun’ of her special pink bath bomb fizzing around.

    I’m gutted the olive branch perfume was discontinued, love the fragrance from that shower gel, its gorgeous. Since i started using it though so has my other half so i go through the bottles pretty quick now….boo hoo

  • Yeah, I’ve always been put off by Lush as I am fairly suspicious of the fact that you can smell the contents of the store within a three mile radius, which is surely not a good sign, no? But then I was really headwrecked by my stupid ugly keratosis pilaris (yes I know, that old chestnut) and decided to give buffy the backside slayer a go and I am totally converted, it’s magic.

  • I love Lush and this is possibly my fav product from them, it works wonders on my dry/sensitive skin too and doesn’t dry it out or cause breakouts. I will not be without a pot of it in the house now and recommend it to nearly everyone I meet.

  • Liz says:

    I tried this cleanser a few years ago and was too stupid to use it without turning my sink into a battlefield. I also tried the Aqua Marina one which was less of a mess. I thought the story behind the Angels cleanser was really interesting: it’s a re-imagined version of a recipe from the middle ages that included ingredients (such as Rose oil) that got banned by the church for altering the state of mind!

    Lush in general leaves me with mixed feelings – I like how colourful everything is, I like their soaps across the board and I do like some of the scents, but I found a lot of their skin and body care to be ineffective (with the exception of Dream Cream, which is lovely!). And I simply cannot see myself spending 5 Euros on one bath EVER – I’m way too cheap for that!

    For those that are curious about trying lush, I’d recommend their Dream Cream (it smells like oatmeal and herbs, so no sugary crazy scent here, some people find that off-putting but I quite like it), their flyingfox shower gel (smells soooooooooooooo good. It’s my go-to travel companion as it makes a decent shampoo too. It has SLS in it, but apparently not enough to irritate my otherwise very SLS-sensitive skin) and any of their soaps. The bath bombs are colourful, smell nice and have a fancy feel to them but leave your tub messy and, as I said, 5 Euros for a bath is nothing I’m willing to pay (I occasionally get one as a gift and save it until I stay in a hotel so I don’t have to deal with cleaning the tub after – the hotel staff clean tubs after each guest anyway, and if they don’t they better start!).

  • ZsaZsa says:

    This is the one Lush product that I always go back and buy. I think it’s great on my sensitive combination skin. I love the fact that you can control the consistency of it and use it as a cleanser or scrub depending on what your skin needs. Plus despite the ‘scrub’ aspect of this product it is so gently that it can be used every day.

    I know that the smell of the shop can put people off and the smell can result in you not being able to smell a particular product properly. Despite this overpowering smell Lush is still my shop for the occasional pick me up treat.

  • Banjaxed says:

    I also have mixed feelings about Lush. I can’t seem to get on with their skincare, with the exception of Cosmetic Warrior face mask and the recently purchased Aqua Marina cleanser. I really love some of their bath bombs (haven’t tried them all) but the prices on the products are a big turn off and I only buy something from there as a treat to myself really. I tried Angels on Bare Skin years ago but my sensitive skin couldn’t handle it (too abrasive) so after also trying Coalface, Herbalism and Baby face cleanser I gave up on their cleansers until a few weeks ago I got a trial sample of Aqua Marina which I find very good (have since bought the full size).

  • Claireyfairy says:

    Well after reading this post earlier + dithering for AGES over buying this cleanser I went down to lush on my lunch break! It was such an enjoyable visit! The smell wasn’t over powering (I was in Grafton St) and the girl was so helpful I came out with what I wanted + some other stuff to help I only spent €17 + I’m looking forward to going back!

  • misscosm says:

    I’d like to interject a note of appreciation for the staff in Lush here in Cork..Karen, the manager, is a fantastic ambassador for the company,

    The infamous scent wafting up Oliver Plunkett St put me off for years until it was explained that BT would be worse, if all the beauty products were similarly displayed unpackaged!

    Great review, I shall have a gander at this. My own must-have is their Karma scent, and UltraBalm and UltraBland.
    I’ve moaned here before about their reliance on SLS, but they DO heed criticism, so there is hope!

  • jikl says:

    is it ground almond kernels or ground almond like what you’d use baking? Can’t stand things with sharp little bits of ‘exfoliating'(aka scratchy) kernels in, but soft ground almonds sounds ok.

  • Ola says:

    jikl, it’s soft ground almonds – they’re really not very scratchy at all.

    I like this cleanser a lot too, I think it was the first Lush product I’ve ever bought after I moved to the UK. Brilliant stuff altogether, I think I might need to repurchase :)

  • jikl says:

    Thanks Ola. This sounds nice so!

  • Dobby says:

    I LOVE their shampoos. The Squeaky Green one is excellent, and it smells soooo delicious. I’m not using it at the mo cause I’m so broke but as soon as I can afford it I’ll be back. Nom.

  • Bell says:

    I’m afraid I have to chip in – this did not work for me at all!! It made my whole face break out in really red and dry sore patches which I ended up having to regularly see a dermatologist for! I really wanted to love this because I heard such rave reviews, but for me it was a nightmare. Maybe I was just unlucky – my dermatologist said that lush keep their product on display in the shop unprotected, which leaves open to flies and people touching it, and maybe something was just passed onto me by that. It’s a pity, I heard such good things about it :(

  • Gracie says:

    Love this product and agree Cornflake girl, it loves us sensitive type gals.

  • Lisa says:

    Never liked Lush myself until my friend recommended I buy this and I have to say I really like it. On my second pot now and my skin is nicer for it (though it’s gone completely mental today and making a show of me! Didn’t want to get out of the car in case anyone would see me.) I also like their shampoo bars. They keep my hair really clean and soft and they last ages.

  • jen says:

    I’ve never tried this one, but I think you have me sold! I love Lush but also love your “crashing into the street” description of the scent of the stores. Exactly that! ;)

  • Monika says:

    Love Angels on bare skin. It was the first skincare product from Lush I’ve ever used. Vanishing cream is another fave. Perfect for my sensitive/combination skin.

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