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L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Intense Lipstick in Pink Passion + Swatch

By | April 14 2011 | 6 Comments


Well now, aren’t you just the finest, thought I as I opened the jiffy bag from L’Oreal Paris, saw the lipstick inside and pushed up the bullet.

Color Riche Intense is a new addition to the Colour Riche family, which already has various strands like Star Secrets, Shine Gelee and Boosting Serum.  Six creamy shades have lots of opacity and pigment and most are my favourite sort of finish, creme, with a couple having shimmer. I’d avoid them out of preference but if you like some sparkle, sure check ‘em out.

Have to say though, the packaging of these lipsticks used to really put me off and it wasn’t until I tried Color Riche Serum in  True Red that I was converted. The shades I’ve tried so far have been great and at an affordable price point  – the intense lipsticks cost €11.99 for example.

But it’s a shame I had to force myself to try ‘em and it really does hammer home again how important packaging is. It’s vital, especially for something like lipstick, which is so tied into femininity. It’s also something which we often use in public. If I’m taking mine out of my bag in front of people, well – then I want it to look good. And this just doesn’t.


But that doesn’t take away from what’s inside. I don’t think L’Oreal Paris could have chosen a better shade to send either: this is Pink Passion and it’s a hot, bright pink-coral that’s exactly the sort of colour I hone in on and buy myself. So we were off to a good start.


In fact, there was one thing this immediately reminded me of. Bobbi Brown’s new Rich Lip Color in Guava.  They’re not a bajillion miles apart though bear in mind I have tried Guava on precisely once and don’t own any of the Rich Lip Colours. Formulation’s not massively different either, I don’t think (L’Oreal P’s a bit thinner possibly) – but if I be trippin’ bitches, let me know in a comment.


Here’s the swatch. Creamy, smooth, this feels lovely on the skin, has lots of colour and will definitely cover up your natural lip shade. It’s almost neon on my lips in fact, so I love it muchly. Because it’s creamy, wear’s ok. It’s not as good as a matte but better than a sheer, glossy finish. I’d say I got a couple of hours from this before all traces had left my pucker.

Last comments? These are quite strongly scented and it’s a kinda olde worlde powdery fragrance. I’m not bothered by it – in fact I like scented lipstick – but if fragranced products put you off, then sniff before you buy.

You’ll find L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Intense Lipstick now and there is also a new Nude collection too, containing six rose, beige and taupe-style shades.

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