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Leading lipstick indicator 2011: what’s yours?

By Aisling | January 28 2011 | 42 Comments

So, our finances are on life support and the pay slips most of us received this morning are not as healthy as we’d like them to be. So unhealthy in fact that if anyone from the Fianna Fail party faithful calls to the door while out canvassing for the upcoming election, they’ll be seriously sorry.

But even though we are broke we’re still managing to treat ourselves.  There’s a theory that’s been doing the rounds for almost a hundred years – Leonard Lauder’s Leading Lipstick Indicator. He coined this phrase to neatly describe how, even in recession, women will still treat themselves to a little something to make themselves feel good. In his recession he reckoned it was lipstick.

In this one though it might be something else – nail varnish? Something small in pretty packaging? Mascara? Or have you just swapped high end brands for cheaper ones?

What do you still keep spending on to treat yourself? Let’s find out what the 2011 Lipstick Indicator is!

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