JLo most beautiful woman in world say People magazine

By Aisling | April 14 2011 | 65 Comments

US People magazine have voted Jennifer Lopez as the Most Beautiful Woman in the World. And she is pretty damn beautiful it has to be said. And smart. And multi talented – actress, singer, dancer, mother of twins. Okay she IS married to Marc Anthony which is a bit puzzling, but sure maybe he’s got a great personality. Or a big mickey.

What do you think? Agree with the choice or would you rather have seen the accolade go elsewhere?

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65 Replies to "JLo most beautiful woman in world say People magazine"

  • Simone G says:

    Yeah, I kind of agree with this. Although I find her a little annoying on Idol and why she is married to Skeletor totall baffles me!

  • kittyKat says:

    Ah she is gorgeous. Most beautiful ? There are lots of beautiful women, CZJ, Megan Fox, etc.

  • roxette says:

    she is very beautiful but her clothes are terrible and sometimes her makeup is too. I suppose its down to personal taste really but her clothes always look cheap to me.

  • Baglady says:

    She’s so beautiful and aging very well, much better than Angelina. If I could pick who I’d like to look like I don’t think it’d be her though.

  • RiRi says:

    I totally love her, I remember when I was 14 I used to try to dance like her on the ‘If you had my love’ and I used to pester my family to watch me and tell me that i look like her, but sadly I don’t.
    She is amazing, the dress that she wore on Grammy’s was amazing, the silver one by Emilio Pucci. If I ever win Lotto I am gonna buy that dress.
    She is a goddess to me.

  • Daisydaisy says:

    It would have to be a toss between JLo and Jennifer Aniston…both stunning women and I wouldn’t mind looking like either of them!!!

  • niamhygiggles says:

    I’m just glad it’s not Jessica Alba! I hate her but not really sure why…..

  • ladyelvis says:

    I think she’s pretty damn gorgeous and isn’t she 40? Great that the non-teenagers are still considered gorgous even in youth-obsessed USA!

  • Trillian says:

    I wouldn’t mind looking like her, but certainly wouldn’t have her as *most* beautiful. There are so many beautiful women – but sorry Daisydaisy, I wouldn’t agree with Jennifer Aniston at all! She’s pretty, but not beautiful. Grace Kelly was beautiful for example.

    I suspect that as always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • xgirl says:

    I hear she bought the award – morto for her :)

  • She’s gorgeous but there’s a photo of her on people magazine online that doesn’t look a bit like her, I had to read the caption to see if it was her, lemmie see.. found it, it’s here!

  • Brass Neck says:

    I am 100% certain this woman has had a shedload of facial surgery. She looks nothing now like she did before. Personally, as far as I’m concerned that disqualifies her from this ‘honour’. I think she’s a rubbish singer, dancer, actor etc. but she’s a good businesswoman. She should be celebrated for that rather than the fact that she can pay as many surgeons as she wants. :grumpy:

  • Macloon says:

    Off the top of my head: Monica Bellucci, Diane Kruger, Isabeli Fontanta would all wipe the floor with JLo

    I don’t like JLo’s make-up or clothes either.

  • ArtDonatella says:

    “or a big mickey”…LOL, My God Aphrodite, are you *allowed* to write ‘big mickey’ online? :D

    I wouldn’t say she is the most beautiful woman in the world, I could swear she had some work done on her nose and God knows what else. I do like her and she IS amazing looking, but to be ‘the most beautiful woman’ – just doesn’t do it for me! Kim Kardashian has the most perfect face (in my eyes at least), but still wouldn’t call her the ‘most beautiful in the world’…that’s just bull! Maybe amongst celebs, yes, I would!

  • ArtDonatella says:

    @ Karen – oooh, yikes! Naturally photoshoped stamp!

  • Amelie says:

    I think its very unfair to have a competition as to who is the most beautiful woman in the world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this type of thing only adds to the pressure women feel to conform to a certain image.

  • Macloon says:

    Brass Neck: I agree. She looks completely different now from when she did “Selena” Her face seems a different shape. It was more fleshy and masculine back then – perhaps it’s just facial fillers and botox though

  • Kezia says:

    Whoa is it the year 2000 again? I’m fairly sure she probably won this years ago when she was actually relevant, clearly got this because of the American idol gig.

    Art Donatella you should check out Celebitchy a gossip site-they call Kim K ;Kat face such is the change in her face and have before and afters of what she looked like when she first came on the scene and now its unbelieavable the work shes had done-she’s morphing into her mother!

  • ArtDonatella says:

    Oh, I see…I know she had some stuff done to her face too, but I still like the result! And note, I am certainly NOT her fan! Just admiring the face & hair!

    But thnaks for that, will check it out because I’m a curious cat! :)

  • Christina says:


    I agree – she just looks like a generic brunette babe in those photos – why bother printing a picture of J Lo is you’re going to photoshop her out of all recognition?

    J Lo is certainly very pretty, but the most beautiful?These rankings are a bit silly, but IMHO the ‘most beautiful woman in the world’ would be a toss up between Monica Bellucci (although she seems to have over botoxed herself these days), Charlize Theron, Nigella Lawson or Sophie Marceau. There are so many gorgeous women – and men – that it seems trite to pick just one. I do reckon that these ranking are often not so subtly influced by the star’s agent though. I very much doubt the staff of People magazine just sit down and say ‘Oh, yes, J Lo is the most beautiful!’ Or maybe I’m just a cynic…

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