It’s not too late to order online before Christmas! Last dates and picks

By Aisling | December 16 2011 | 14 Comments

Left your shopping til the last minute?  Can’t face battling though those crowds and – GETTING ON THE BUS with your millions of bags?  Us neither.  Thank Christ then that we haven’t left it too late – we can still order online in time for Christmas!

Rejoice – here’s the dates for some online shops that are still delivering in time for the big day and some picks.

    Last date for Super Saver orders from Ireland DEC 18 (SUN)
    Last Date for Standard Delivery DEC 20 (TUES)
    Last date for Priority Delivery DEC 21 (WED) 
Of course top pick for Amazon has to be the brilliant Kindle – which is probably top of many present lists this year.  Next most wanted is definitely the Babyliss Big Hair  for beauty junkies; and to be honest you can’t go wrong with a DVD. How about the Inbetweeners or Bridesmaids for a good old laugh?
Don’t forget: the book that every girl wants this Christmas – Gorgeous to Go

LAST DATE: Midnight DEC 17th (SAT)
An absolute treasure trove of beauty products with knockdown prices and free delivery, we love Feel Unique for just about everything.

Get shopping now – and enjoy!

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14 Replies to "It’s not too late to order online before Christmas! Last dates and picks"

  • Kirstie says:

    ah jaysis I have loads left to do. Not a card washed in my house yet.

  • Aisling says:

    I took the morning off work and surprisingly have completed my list! Going to order a few things online and then I’m done. A lot of online stores had 12 Dec as their cut off date, that’s why I was SO glad to see some were still open for Christmas business

  • Aisling says:


    Enter code LASTORDERS at FeelUnique checkout to get 10% off order today and tomorrow only

  • O Great One says:

    Holy moly where how what is that palette pic of? Like I need another palette but its so pretty….

  • Kirstie says:

    it’s a stila palette o great one!

  • sevda says:

    I ordered a dress last wednesday and it still hasn’t been dispatched. Have a pain in my stomach waiting for it.

    Seriously tempted by the feel unique – gonna have a goo now.

  • Shanna says:

    Sevda, same. Ordered a skirt, shoes (pour moi) and fancy schmantzy fluffy slippers for the sister, perfume for the mammy – all ordered last Sunday, NONE HAVE ARRIVED YET. Having internal kittens, was expecting all to arrive today. Nada.

    Was fairly organized until the small one landed home from school on Tuesday with a letter requiring him to have a striped Shepherd’s costume for this morning. The last two nights have been spent making a small suit from a pair of stripey curtains. I’m not even messing.

    The whole lot’s gone to hell, I haven’t even written a card. And now I have no shoes. AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH.

    The book is great though. Got mine at last (also with G&M offer) – thank you x

  • Aisling says:

    Seveda & Shanna – they’ll arrive, just believe
    sorry Shanna, I’m laughing at your plight and the Shepard costume!

  • BerG says:

    Shanna: I have to admire your dedication. TLF is also a shepherd, going to see the grand performance on Monday. Thankfully the school supplies the costumes. It will all be worth it when you see the show.

    This is a great post. Any possibility of tipoff’s for the commencement dates for online sales? Never satisfied me.

  • sevda says:

    BerG – some have started. My dress is a self gift and I got it half price. It’s €295 in BT’s and I got it for about €160. It meant I didn’t have to wait for sales to get boots I liked.

  • Aisling says:

    BerG – yes some have started and the others all seem to be starting the second the shops open on the 26th. I’ll put updates on the forums or if there’s enough we’ll do a post

  • Shanna – wish I had read your comment (re shepherd’s costume) earlier as Tesco were selling them off half price the last week or so for just €4.50! We were told to make a costume for my son’s play but I decided this was a cheaper option!

  • sevda says:

    As an update there was mail in my yahoo box to say the dress was dispatched. HO HO HOOOOO.

  • Maudy Mac says:

    My package still didn’t arrive, so tomorrow is christmas eve, there is no post, I’ll be working from first thing until after 6, and I then have to drive an hour an a half home to my mother, who i got in K-Kindle and i have nothing for her but a pair of pennys PJs. Actually on the verge of tears. Disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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