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Inglot 10 Pan Freedom Palette: Review & Swatches. Guest blog from Lorraine @ John, It’s Only Make-Up!

By Beautie | December 15 2011 | 32 Comments

Today we’ve got a guest post from Lorraine of John, It’s only Make-Up!.  She not only has many rrrrrs in her name – she also loves makeup with a passion and  she gives us her considered opinion of the Inglot 10 Pan Freedom  Palette.  Take it away Lorraine

You could play a drinking game with most Inglot reviews.  A sip per comparison to MAC and you'd be holding your Dad, singing Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own after  just one paragraph. Inglot are very eager to assert their individuality and stress the differences between the brands. I don't think that holding them to MAC standards is a bad thing – I've found they they surpass them, on most fronts.

The Inglot Freedom system allows you to pick and choose any combination of colour and finish you want to create a customised palette. These are Lorraine’s 10 Pan picks (€55) 

Top Row: (L-R) Pearl 444, D.S 465, D.S 459, Pearl 434, Matte 378
Bottom Row:(L-R)  D.S 467, Shine 07, Pearl 447, Pearl 433, Pearl 418

I braved the great blizzard of 2011 to head to Inglot Blanchardstown, birthday vouchers in hand and notions of a festive palette in mind.  My friend is a make-up artist there so she helped me pick out my colours and talked me through a few things. I did want to see what the service was like, so I ear-wigged on the three other sales assistants and their customers.

I hovered like an Irish mammy during Christmas dinner, swatching the same blush three times, ears perked. I heard them ask customers what their budgets were and then work with that, not pushing stock. Also, they knew their stuff and spent time picking shades that would  really work on the customers, not “ah, get a brown”. Their service really deserves a bualadh bos, especially when you keep the “shopping experience” that you’re subjected to in other stores in mind.

(L-R) D.S 467, Shine 07, Pearl 447, Pearl 433, and Pearl 418

Pearl 433 is a shimmery olive that’s green tones sheer out when blended, giving way to a golden sheen – perfect for a one step smoky eye.  I bought four other Pearls, 447, 434, 444 and 418. The formulation of these is just superb with a buttery soft texture, I can’t find fault with it. Pearl Green is my pick of the bunch: it’s a emerald green that applies with such intensity that it almost looks like a liner or cream shadow. I’ve got green eyes and was a bit worried about it washing them out with the lack of contrast. To remedy this I break it up with a brown liner on my lash line and then some more neutral tones in the crease, which makes for a slightly outré but still grown up smoky eye.

(L-R) Pearl 444, D.S 465, D.S 459, Pearl 434 and Matte 378

D.S 459 and  D.S 465 have almost matte finishes but are shot through with very fine glitter. With the festive season upon us, now is as good a time as any to get shimmery on down with your bad self. The glitter is subtle and lessens substantially when blended out, nothing to shy away from. I only picked up one Shine, number 07. It’s a shimmery golden peach with a medium sheer finish, I build it up over a base for a heavier wash of colour.

Matte shadow lovers will know all about stiffness in consistency and poor colour pay-off.  I’ve  wanted a plummy brown, something like Sinead O’Connor had in the Nothing Compares To You video, for an age. I said this to the sales assistant, she nodded, squinted and handed me Matte 378 as quick as can be, as if that were a common request.

A quick swatch showed it to be exactly what I was after and a slap-dash application when I got home dispelled my fears about it’s formulation. Obviously, it’s not as smooth as the other shimmery shadows but it’s a country mile better than most of the other mattes in my collection and notably nicer than my previous matte favourites from Urban Decay.

Ah, you always need a cat to help with a review. This is Lorraine’s gorgeous fur purr

I usually end reviews by listing and detailing some draw backs of the products or service but I’m drawing blanks. That the shades are denoted by numbers instead of names does irk me, not only is it harder to remember, it makes the product seem less special – to me anyway. After a couple days of playing around with them, I’ve gotten over it.

The quality and cost have totally won me over, as well as the cruelty free policy and paraben free formulations.

Check out Lorraine’s blog for more of her writing, reviews, witticisms and musings – head over to John, It’s Only Make-Up!



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