Human+Kind Had me at The Packaging

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Say hello to Human+Kind, an Irish naturals-based beauty company who’ve oh-so-smartly invested in amazeballs packaging for their two-strong chemical-free product range because yes, hands up, we do judge books by their covers.

And if you’re going to send a hippy line to me for consideration then by Jaysis, making it not look like something Peig Sayers would use on a windy Blasket island in the 1800’s as she sucked on her clay pipe while rubbing her chin beard is a really really good start.


And oh boy, this stuff is prrrreeetty. Kinda Rob Ryan meets super spirograph-style bank notes. I like.

Illustrated hexagonal tubes contain products like Family Remedy Cream, €22.95, a tea tree oil-fragranced multi-purpose salve that contains ingredients that are 96.2% natural, the company claims.  Designed to treat issues like stings, small burns, eczema and psoriasis-prone skin,  stretch marks and scars, this is clearly pitched to replace Eight Hour Cream in your handbag.

Needing a bit more investigation in my bathroom (and on my face) is the somewhat bragtastic All-in-one Anti-Ageing cream, €29.95. I’m seeing the hackneyed words “Nature’s Botox” on the brand’s website in relation to it. Psst: nothing is like Botox except, em, Botox, because it is an injectible toxin that paralyses muscles and no topical product can come anywhere close.

However, this does contain some nice hydrators and antioxidants like shea butter, rosehip oil and vitamin E as well as the active ingredient, Acmella Oleracea, which is also used by brands like the Organic Pharmacy, for example, to help relax expression lines.  It has a herby scent and a fairly rich texture so should be a goer for those looking for a heavier-duty cream at a decent price point at the ethical end of the market, where traditionally none of those desires are easy to meet.

Props to Human+Kind for addressing those issues, even if they may have gotten slightly carried away on a wave of enthusiasm regarding their product claims.

Next up from the company will be an All-in-One Body Oil and an All-in-one Day+Night cream, again following a chemical-free ethos. Currently, the products can be bought from their website and prices include postage.

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11 Replies to "Human+Kind Had me at The Packaging"

  • Lorrrrrraine says:

    Ooooooh! I love the look of this! Again, oooooooh!

  • Sandy Beach says:

    It’s super seeing all these Irish companies doing beauty products.

    Packaging on this does look good, so much nicer than 8hr.

  • Roisin says:

    Whilst the external packaging is abs GAW-JUS. The tubes don’t look all that, imho.

    How does it stack up against 8HC performance/price-wise?

  • Aisling says:

    Lovely fresh looking packaging!

  • Little Blue says:

    Myself and my Mam tried this after I saw it featured on Nationwide (yep I’ll watch any rubbish telly when i’m in winter hibernation mode).

    Pricey yes (2 tubes for 45 Euro) but really nice and honestly you wouldn’t question the price if it were Clinique etc.

    I’d definetly buy it again.

  • ellie70 says:

    The anti ageing cream interests me. I have switched over to organic skincare products since forking out €65 last month for Clinique Repairwear moisturiser which played hell with my skin! The Clinique has now been demoted to an after shaving legs moisturiser, albeit an expensive one. I hope to see these new products in the health shops or pharmacies soon as I don’t really like buying online.

  • Maudy Mac says:

    the two guys who set-up this brand regularly come into my place of work and they are pure gents!!

  • Sarah says:

    I just put in my order cant wait!!! :)

  • yeah roigh says:

    I ordered both of these before Christmas and have mixed opinions. The Family Remedy Cream is grand, if a bit too strongly scented of tea tree(and I like tea tree!), but I’ve only used it on an itchy skin patch. The Anti-Ageing Cream on the other hand is where the mixed opinion comes in. It smells lovely and feels lovely on, BUT my foundation crumbles over it thus making it almost useless to me as I would only ever wear no makeup while slumming around the house. I’m tempted to return it. And yes, I have tried applying less, applying more, waiting 10 minutes before putting on foundation, waiting an hour before putting on foundation, and it makes my foundation crumble every time.

  • Lydia says:

    I ordered both the products after a friend of mine told me about them. The Family Remedy Cream is definitely an 8 hr replacement as mentioned above. But it does a lot more things besides – i actually found it great on ingrown hairs. I found the anti-ageing amazing. I’m still a wee bit young to have big wrinkles (36) but the firming effect is pretty instant i have to say. Didn’t find it flakes with my moisturiser. But a friend of mine who worked in BT’s said that some foundations react with some moisturisers. She said Clinique is particularly prone to flaking. Maybe its more to do with the foundation??

  • Yeah roigh says:

    No, Lydia it isn’t the foundation because I’ve so far tried 3 different ones including a mineral one and they all flaked. I’ve used tonnes of different moisturisers and never come across this problem til now. It’s deffo the cream.

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