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How Clean Are Your Pants? Belfast Natives Revealed as Least Clean Knickerwashers in Ridiculous Survey

By | September 14 2011 | 37 Comments


My poor keyboard: once more it was doused in hot coffee as I read the email. “SAMSUNG SURVEY REVEALS THAT 1 IN 7 BRITS WEAR THEIR UNDERWEAR MORE THAN ONCE BEFORE WASHING THEM” screamed the subject line, before the body of the mail revealed that – oh dear – it’s Belfast that’s the city that has the dirtiest washing habits.

Scarlet for yiz, nordies!

The survey got under the skin of Britain’s citizens and discovered that it’s those  in a couple rather than singletons that are more likely to wear the same underwear on multiple occasions, with over a third (38%) admitting to doing it.

Now, now here. I have a pal who tells a tale of J1-ing with a gang of lads who used to TURN THEIR JOCKS INSIDE OUT and re-wear them for multiple days, so uhmmm, I would initially have thought it might be most likely to be the men doing this, and not the women. But the survey did ascertain that more than one in 10 gals admitted to wearing their knickers more than once too …

What thinkest thee? Utterly gross and minging or are you not that surprised?


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