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Hand Sanitiser: Do You Carry it?

By | August 2 2011 | 62 Comments

hand santitizer

Have to confess, I’m a bit “t’were all green fields AND GERMS LOTS AND LOTS OF GERMS round here when I was a young’in walking five miles to school through hail and snow in sackcloth and ashes” when it comes to the excess of products these days that promise to wipe out 399.9% of bacteria on any surface you care to annihilate. Lets hurry me past those soap pump ads too lest I blow a fussy gasket, and the other thing I raise my threaded brows to high heaven about are hand sanitisers.

Ok, yes, yes I do know that in certain circumstances they are a necessity, such as during a breakout of H1N1 or when at a festival – the only time of the year I will ever use one because there’s generally no access to running water in the disgusting portaloos. I know mums who have a need to keep things as clean as possible often love them too but um, for the rest of us, I honestly can’t see the point in obsessively carrying about little squirty bottles of alcohol-based goo IN CASE OH ME NERVES A GERM SHOULD GET ON ME. What’s wrong with a bit of soap and hot water, hey?

In any case, some exposure to germs is good. It’s even necessary for the auld immune system and that.  Add in the fact that alcohol is hella drying and sends your hands into dessicated orbit, never mind what it does to your cuticles, and I’m just not getting why this stuff is so bloody popular. I’m forever seeing bloggers giving it away in blog competitions, blogging excitedly about it and buying oodles of it at Superdrug.


Why ladies. WHY. Won’t someone think of the … eh, me. Please, in the comments, explain your adoration for this stuff if you love it to help me understand this craze, and if not, let me know that too.  And now I’m off to roll on the floor in some dirt – so carry on as normal.

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